NoteAid AI is a project by a research team from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, together with the University of Notre Dame, and it aims to promote medical literacy. Its technology would help read and explain the medical jargon and terminologies used by the health professional, for patients to fully understand their case or diagnosis. 

The world is encouraged to stay at home due to the pandemic brought by the coronavirus, and it has made almost every process, online. That includes health checkups and other documents made available on the web for people to access

NoteAid AI for Medical Literacy

Medical Diagnosis
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According to the University of Notre Dame, assistant professor, and researcher John Lalor is currently working with a web-based team that is developing a technology for medical literacy. This is called "NoteAid," and the project would help develop an "AI" or artificial intelligence to understand and properly explain their diagnosis or condition.

Lalor and the team from the University of Massachusetts Amherst are currently developing the technology which would soon be used to correctly read and understand what is written on a medical document. 

Since the United States' policy focus on allowing patients to retrieve their medical records online, the AI would be something of use to them. 

Medical or health literacy is fairly low among the public, especially as it is something that is not meant for everyone who is not medical professionals. The project was found to be effective in upping the public's medical literacy as it helped define some confusing terms.

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Medical Jargons are Confusing

NoteAid AI Medical Diagnosis
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The technology would focus on a "Medicalese," or the specialized terminologies that are used by everyone in the health profession to simply explain to colleagues and other professionals a patient's case. However, it is not something for regular people to understand and is left to wonder or search the internet for more information. 

Medical literacy is important, but that would not fully explain the concern or case of a patient as they would still need to search the web for their diagnosis or concern. 

That being said, the NoteAid AI can help in explaining to them what the medicalese has said or indicated, without the need to do some more searching or browsing for their case. Moreover, they can further elevate their concern to their doctor or health professional for more assistance. 

Artificial Intelligence to Explain Vividly

AI is known to learn and expand their knowledge as they are used by humans in their daily needs. In terms of medical terms or health concerns, it may help in explaining a person's case vividly, and give them an initial knowledge of what the diagnosis is. 

Sometimes, a need for extra assistance is needed, especially with complex cases like this. Not everyone is inclined to be health experts or tech-savvy for them to browse the internet for more details. NoteAid may help in accomodating people's confusions and make them more medical literate. 

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