Facebook Released Cloud Games Through Web App | Bypass Apple Cloud?
(Photo : Screenshot From Facebook Gaming Facebook Page) Facebook Released Cloud Games Through Web App | Bypass Apple Cloud?

Facebook has just released its own set of cloud games on Apple devices through the use of a web app for the Safari browser. This could be the sign that the social network has decided to double down on gaming even as the company clashes directly with Apple over its new rules.

Apple Cloud Gaming Policy

According to CNet, individuals can now play cloud games quite instantly on a mobile device or even a web browser without needing to download them. Facebook's new move comes directly after the social network raised its concerns regarding Apple's updates to its own cloud gaming policy.

The cloud gaming policy noted that every streaming game has to submit to the App Store as another individual app subject for review. The policy also noted, however, that web browser apps could be used in order to reach users that are outside of the App Store. Facebook has previously purchased Unit 2 Games for this particular move and now, the company is rolling out its own set of cloud games.

Facebook Gaming Web App

Using a web app is also a particular tactic that companies like Amazon and Microsoft choose in order to launch cloud games directly on Apple devices. Facebook Gaming's vice president Vivek Sharma noted in a statement that they have come to the same conclusion as others and that web apps are the only option for streaming cloud games on the iOS as of the moment.

It was noted that as a lot of people have pointed out, Apple's policy to "allow" cloud games on the App Store does not really allow for much at all. Sharma then noted that Apple's cloud gaming policy now creates "roadblocks" which prevent people from being able to discover new games, play through cross-device, and even access high-quality games quite instantly in the native iOS apps.

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Facebook Cloud Games List

A tweet by Facebook outlined how users can play the cloud games directly on an Apple device. A number of these games include hot titles like "Assassin's Creed Rebellion," "Risk: Global Domination," and "LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed." However, some games might not be generally available in certain locations.

Facebook noted that even though the web app is technically available worldwide, cloud games, as of the moment, can only be played in the United States as well as parts of Mexico and Canada. Users not from these areas can play the HTML5 games through the use of the web app. 

The Facebook Gaming mobile application, which is to compete with Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer, is something the company has been planning to launch for quite a while now. Although the platform is quite new, the number of cloud games available is enough for gamers to enjoy without having to wait for more titles. Of course, this still depends on whether the games are enjoyable enough for gamers.

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