Top 10 Countries with Highest COVID-19 Recoveries
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Top 10 Countries with Highest COVID-19 Recoveries

With the vaccination efforts now increasing, it's important to see the top 10 countries with the highest COVID-19 recoveries to see the progress in the fight against the pandemic.

It's also worth noting that although these are recovery numbers, meaning the active infections could still be quite overwhelming for some countries.

While the world is slowly rolling out its vaccination efforts, it's worth seeing just how these countries were able to reach high recovery rates.

The following data was taken from Statista.

The data was taken from the numbers as of July 23, 2021. It is also important to note that this is not percentage-wise, and solely based on recovery numbers and not recovery to population numbers.

Top 10 Countries with Highest COVID-19 Recoveries


Recoveries: 30,468,079

Deaths: 419,502

Active Infections: 405,481

Total Infections: 31,293,062

United States of America

Recoveries: 29,478,173

Deaths: 626,172

Active Infections: 5,109,249

Total Infections: 35,213,594


Recoveries: 18,259,711

Deaths: 547,134

Active Infections: 717,247

Total Infections: 19,524,092


Recoveries: 5,427,457

Deaths: 151,501

Active Infections: 475,753

Total Infections: 6,054,711


Recoveries: 5,669,083

Deaths: 111,565

Active Infections: 152,862

Total Infections: 5,933,510


Recoveries: 5,405,339

Deaths: 50,761

Active Infections: 107,803

Total Infections: 5,563,903

United Kingdom

Recoveries: 4,427,533

Deaths: 128,980

Active Infections: 1,045,808

Total Infections: 5,602,321


Recoveries: 4,447,953

Deaths: 103,074

Active Infections: 261,324

Total Infections: 4,812,351


Recoveries: 4,449,027

Deaths: 117,836

Active Infections: 125,707

Total Infections: 4,692,570


Recoveries: 4,119,607

Deaths: 127,920

Active Infections: 54,866

Total Infections: 4,302,393

In the United States, it was confirmed that 40% of the cases actually came from just 3 states. The hotspots for the cases are located in Florida, Missouri, and Texas. 

Dr. Fauci on COVID-19 Deaths

According to the article by CNBC, in the US, about 99.5% of COVID-19 deaths reportedly come from unvaccinated people and Dr. Fauci noted that it is "a statistic that speaks for itself."

Despite the new surge in cases, Fauci said that he does not believe the United States officials will renew calls for the whole nationwide mask mandate due to there being "a lot of pushback on that."

It was noted that local counties and private businesses are capable of choosing to enforce mask mandates as the new delta variant is still continuing its spread in unvaccinated pockets of the whole country.

As of the moment, almost ⅔ of the counties in the US have vaccinated just less than 40% of their total residents.

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Colleges and Universities on Vaccine Requirements

It was also noted that colleges and universities have also started taking the question of mandating vaccines to court.

The Indiana University has just recently gotten the green light coming from a federal judge for them to require vaccines for the students that will be attending the fall semester.

Fauci said that he does not see lockdowns coming back any time soon, noting that he just does not see that on the horizon as of the moment.

Furthermore, Fauci noted that what he sees is increased testing as well as increased local mandates and even a big push to get people fully vaccinated.

The vaccine efforts are now going into the "knock on doors" method to get more Americans to receive COVID-19 shots.

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