A COVID-19 New York summer camp outbreak resulted in 31 children testing positive. 

The summer camp where it took place is called Camp Pontiac, a sleep-away camp located in upstate New York. All 31 positive cases are children under the age of 12 who are too young to receive COVID-19 vaccines. 

None of the cases were considered as serious infections. Most of the positive cases have already been sent home, except for those who cannot go home easily due to the fact that they live far away. 

COVID-19 New York Summer Camp Outbreak: How It Started

The COVID-19 Camp Pontiac outbreak started in the girls' dormitories, according to a report by The New York TimesPer the report, nurses began to worry when some of the campers in Camp Pontiac were beginning to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 and began administering tests. On Saturday, one came back positive. 

By Thursday morning, 31 campers out of the total 550 tested positive, according to Columbia County Health Director Jack Mabb. 

"The latest new cases are on the boys side," he said as quoted in a report by CNN

Mabb also said that among Camp Pontiac's 550 campers, about half are 7 to 11 years old. The rest are aged 12 to 17. None of the vaccinated campers tested positive for COVID-19. 

Camp Pontiac is testing all unvaccinated campers at least two more times this week per the recommendation of New York's health department. Among the attendees of the summer camp who are aged 12 years old and older, only four are unvaccinated. 

Less than 10 of Camp Pontiac's staff are also unvaccinated. The summer camp's staff totals at 275. 

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COVID-19 Cases Spread in Summer Camps

The COVID-19 outbreak in Camp Pontiac is not the only case of the virus spreading among children and teenagers in summer camps as of late. 

According to The New York Times report, an outbreak in a church-run camp in Texas yielded more than 125 positive cases among teenagers and adults. Illinois reported more than 80 cases from a summer camp in the state. Kansas has likewise reported multiple outbreaks in the state related to summer camps.

When Can Children Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

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Anyone and everyone can get infected with COVID-19, even children. In fact, a study has shown that children can carry up to 100 times more coronavirus than adults. Despite this, children under the age of 12 still cannot receive COVID-19 vaccinations. Why? 

Clinical trials are still being conducted in order to determine if COVID-19 vaccines can work for children under the age of 12. 

Early this year, it has been reported that children in the US have signed up for clinical trials for Pfizer, Moderna, and Astrazeneca. Moderna confirmed in March that it has started trails for children and infants. 

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