For those that aren't really aware, Microsoft free games is actually another platform where fun games can be played. Although probably not as sought after as Epic Games or Steam, Microsoft also offers a number of free games that aren't just mini-games but actually interesting pieces.

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Here are the Top Microsoft Free Games July 2021:

1. Roblox

Of course, who could forget Roblox? The interactive game that is gaining massive popularity for the younger audience has also been successful financially. According to BusinessofApps, Roblox has a market value of $38 billion For comparison, Rockstar Games, creators of the popular Grand Theft Auto series (where fans are waiting for the Grand Theft Auto VI) has a valuation of just $4 billion!

2. Steel Storm: Red Alert

The game is reportedly a real-time tank RPG+SLG game which recreates the classic tanks of the famed World War II and restores the whole shocking war scenes with fictional World War II plots. For those commanding within the game, get ready to take the futuristic tank across history and bring back the ages of bloody warfare!

3. Asphalt 9: Legends

Racing never gets out of style and players can either pay quite a hefty sum for an expensive racing game, or, they can download Asphalt 9: Legends for free. The game is available for PC or Xbox and it revolves around 800 events while players get to race against 7 other players. Players can even recruit other players, form a team, and become the best in the world.

4. Conflict of Kingdoms: Total War

The game is considered an SLG where players get to interact with other players from around the world in real time. Players can join the alliance and interact with players from all across the world in this RTS game. Castles, city development, and war all go together in this game which is why it is important for players to maximize their resources and use them wisely.

5. Digital World Evolution2: Super Ultimate War

Based on the Anime original version, the RPG Digimon world game gives players hundreds of Digimon to collect and fight with. For those that have followed the show, the whole concept of collecting, training, and battling with Digimon is well alive in the game! Players get to go on a journey and experience the true Digimon adventure.

6. Naruto: Ninja Ultimate war

This RPG online game is where players can truly become the ninja they were within and work their way to become the strongest ninja team ever! Protect the Hokage and the village at all costs! Players get to experience this open world ninja journey where they can explore and interact with real-time events.

The games can be found on Microsoft where there are about a thousand games for free.

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