Handheld vacuums are a thing now and like people's interest that shifts, the bulky and heavy-duty vacuums are only used now during spring cleanings or general cleaning of the entire home or space. It gave birth to those small, lightweight, and quiet ones that almost have the same sucking power but reduces the size and weight significantly.

These vacuums also feature the aesthetic designs it has, which can make them fit a modern and simplistic home and a rustic design. They can fit anywhere, can be stored anywhere, and broken down into parts for places with limited storage space. If you are reading this, maybe you are already looking for a replacement vacuum or having one which you could use daily, without the hassle and getting tired of operating the massive one.

With that, there are many brands to choose from, but not all are affordable and can give the same quality they look for. This review will focus on RedRoad, and despite not being a known brand, they have established themselves as a company that has been distributing the cornerstone in vacuum technology since 2017.

RedRoad V17 Review

When searching for a product in the market, coming across RedRoad would give users the V17 as one of its featured products. The device is a handheld, cordless, quiet, and lightweight vacuum cleaner. These specs are what is the most popular now, what most people look for in a vacuum.

The switch to these kinds of cleaners has been apparent in recent times, especially as people do not want to experience any hassle when cleaning a space. The V17 can be easily assembled and disassembled, but users can also stand it beside a cabinet or wall so that it does not need to be broken down for storage.

It does not take as much space as you think, as this device is truly a slim and compact one. The only bulk it contributes to space is one of its attachments, like the rectangular ones seen on traditional vacuums. Another bulk it has is its main motor, one where users would hold when sucking the dirt away.

But that too is not much of a space hogger.

The black-red-white color accents it has made it one noticeable piece of the appliance and can easily blend with one's home, whether having an industrial design, wood, or modern simplistic.

If you watch a series, movie, or listen to music while cleaning out, the need for wearing wired or Bluetooth earphones would be eradicated. Why? RedRoad's V17 is one of the most silent vacuums in the market, maybe even the best in noise reduction technology.

RedRoad boasts that they have "visionary insights" on what the customer needs, and through this, they can make the V17 the one that people need and want for a vacuum cleaner.

RedRoad V17: Features, Pros, Cons

RedRoad V17 is your basic handheld vacuum cleaner and more. It features a rechargeable device that can be powered straight for 60 minutes or an hour of usage. That is enough to clean the entire home and have extra juice as it gets intermittent use.

The V17 uses a 12-cone cyclone separation technology, which is said to capture most dirt found on surfaces. RedRoad claims that it can pick up as much as 99.7 percent of dirt on a surface, in a single stroke. It can pick up dirt as small as 0.1μm, compared to other models that can only suck up to 0.3μm.

This vacuum is built to be useful for a longer time, and with the materials it has for when it was being made, RedRoad said that it used a meticulous design that only chose the best. The device has HEPA filters for everything that comes the other side, and it prevents secondary air pollution, which may be harmful to users, residents, their children, and pets.


  • Built for Life
  • Lightweight Design
  • Affordable
  • Accessories and Attachments included
  • Quiet
  • Robust
  • Stylish
  • Mist and Deep Cleaning


  • Confusing to operate at first
  • Charging Times Vary
  • Difficulty in hard to reach areas
  • Lacks Color Options

The list of Pros outweighs that of the Cons of this device, especially in performance-wise and practicality it brings to the table. People should focus on the review and features when buying this, especially when making this purchase. Needs outweigh the wants, and evaluating one's need for an artisan appliance like this may be inevident.

Nevertheless, the experience of using the RedRoad V17 has allowed one to enjoy cleaning time instead of dreading it. Vacuum cleaners have certainly evolved from bulky and industrial ones to small, compact, and quality ones like this.

Who is RedRoad?

The smart home appliance provider RedRoad was founded in 2017 by a group of experts with more than 10 years of experience in home appliance product R&D and design.

RedRoad positions itself as a provider of a 'nice and neat way of life.' With a user-oriented mentality, visionary insights into user lifestyle, extraordinary design and R&D capacity, and pursuit of quality, RedRoad has never ceased to provide an 'artsy appliance' that's exquisite, sleek, quality build, and user-friendly.

RedRoad has grown to be a promising player from a rookie brand merely several years ago and gained the favor of customers across more than 10 countries. RedRoad has sold 3.5 million items worldwide, including home cleaning, kitchen, beauty & personal care, home security, and portable for car.

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