Recent rumors about the upcoming RTX 4090 made rounds online following many leaks from prominent chip tipsters. According to the early tweets, the NVIDIA graphics card will be released next year

RTX 4090 to Adopt TSMC's 5nm Technology

RTX 4090 is Leaked to Launch on Q4 2022--TSMC 5nm, 12 GPC, and MORE Rumored Specs
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RTX 4090, the rumored next-gen card of NVIDIA, is expected to be released in late 2022.

The demand for semiconductors stays high amid the global chip shortage that is happening.

For that part, some prefer to buy RTX 3000 cards while others want to wait for the RTX 4090. The possibilities are endless for the series cards since big upgrades are coming to computers as well.

When RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti cards arrived, people weighed a different alternative. On the other hand, some people tested the waters by knowing more about AMD cards. The latest RTX 3090 is the most recent flagship card for gaming.

Since December 2020, rumors were already swirling around about the RTX 4090 card. On top of the leaked specifications, its most notable feature would be the 5nm technology from chipmaker, TSMC.

So far, what we know about NVIDIA cards is that they use the 8nm process of Samsung for the RTX 30-cards. Now, it seems that NVIDIA is moving forward to adopt new hardware that will solve the shortage issues.

Will RTX 4090 Feature Ray-Tracing and Other Advanced Upgrades?

According to a report by Kotaku on Tuesday, July 27, it appears that the upcoming RTX 4090 card will preserve the ray-tracing to match AMD's highly advanced series cards. Moreover, the improved tensor cores are also anticipated to be featured in the 40-series GPUs.

Moore's Law is Dead, a popular leaker from YouTube, said that NVIDIA aims to compete with the RDNA 3 chips from AMD. This year, the YouTuber said that the match-up will not take place this 2021, but it will happen soon in the Q4 of 2022.

"They will be able to paper launch something against AMD. They [Nvidia] aren't going to lack an answer to RDNA 3," Moore's Law said in the uploaded clip.

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RTX 4090 Card Rumored Specifications

From a tweet by, here are the leaked details about the leaked NVIDIA card. 

  • TSMC 5nm

  •  12 GPC 

  • 72 TPC 

  • 144 SM 

  • 18432 FP32 

  • allegedly 2.2+ GHz (=81 TFlops) 

  • larger caches 

  • 384 Bit GDDR6X 

  • project plan finalized 

  • next: final design & tape-out

  •  release expected Q4/2022

  •  performance target: GA102 x2 

AMD Rumors On the Other Side

Besides NVIDIA, AMD is also involved in a large-scale rumor about computer cards.

According to one leaker, the AMD RX 6600 XT's price will sit at $349. Meanwhile, its non-XT variant will be cheaper at $299. The same source revealed that the AMD RX 6600 XT will not feature ray tracing, but it will fare better than the previous RTX 3060.

Considering the problems about the lack of raw materials in chip manufacturing, the MSRP of the alleged cards appears to be reasonable. Apparently, there is no leak released if the non-XT variant can match the latest NVIDIA cards. 

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