Nvidia Plans RTX 4000 Series and RTX 5000 Series as Upcoming Ampere Next GPUs!
(Photo : Screenshot From Graphically Challenged YouTube) Nvidia Plans RTX 4000 Series and RTX 5000 Series as Upcoming Ampere Next GPUs!

Despite gamers barely getting their hands on the Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs like the RTX 3090 or the more affordable RTX 3060, the intensely high demand has been good for Nvidia. It looks like the company is planning to take things a step further going past the RTX 3000 series and into the realm of the RTX 4000 and RTX 5000 series!

Nvidia GTC Announcements

According to the story by TechSpot, Nvidia's most recent GPU Technology Conference or GTC has just kicked off today talking about the company's digital format and what they plan to do. Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, got on stage to give the masses just a few pieces of juicy GPU news and more.

This time, Nvidia announced the news in the form of a roadmap which actually laid out Nvidia's rough hardware plans over the course of the next four years. Between this 2021 all the way up to 2025, Nvidia actually aims to release six generations of massive hardware! Two of them will be centered yet again around the GPUs.

Nvidia RTX 30 Series Upgrade

Nvidia GPU fans can expect the Ampere Next and the Ampere Next Next to come in the following years. The article by TechSpot assumes, however, that the GPU titles still aren't final but the cards are expected to release in 2022 and later on in 2024 respectively. 

The Nvidia plan will give current Nvidia GPU fans about another year to enjoy the widely successful but also very scarce Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs even before the next hardware leap finally arrives.

Nvidia RTX 4000 Series and RTX 5000 Series

If Nvidia really did stick to its own current RTX naming conventions, the Ampere Next, according to TechSpot, will most likely be branded the Nvidia RTX 4000-series. The Next Next is expected to take on the upcoming RTX 5000-series names.

It is now a bit too early to predict things like the specs, performance, cooling capacities, or even energy efficiency for the other next-gen GPUs. However, other products are expected to be coming to Nvidia's roadmap as well. This includes the just newly announced ARM-based CPUs called the Grace and the Grace Next. These particular CPU generations are both scheduled to launch this upcoming 2023 and 2025, according to CRN.

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Upcoming Nvidia DPU

Finally, Nvidia's upcoming Data Processing Unit or DPU Bluefield is also expected to be coming out in two new iterations like Bluefield-3 in 2022 and the upcoming Bluefield 4 later on in 2024. Nvidia now hopes its new DPUs will be able to offer exponential increases in its raw processing power. The new Bluefield-3 is now expected to function a massive 10 times faster than its very own processor, and the Bluefield-4 could bring an almost unimaginable 100x boost in performance.

The company is basically expected to come up with a lot of powerful products over the course of the next five years. The only problem is if the upcoming products will be scarce like how they are now.


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