COVID-19 Delta is one of the newest strains of the novel coronavirus. The United States and other giant countries are still suffering from the ongoing pandemic because of this new variant. 
#TechTimesLifeHack: Most Effect Anti-COVID-19 Delta Face Masks | Important Vaccine Information; Are They Free?

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With this, CDC and other health agencies suggested that government officials must re-implement some of the required safety measures when the health crisis was beginning. 

If the current daily COVID-19 cases in the U.S. continue to rise, there's a high chance that Americans will wear PPEs, including face masks, once more. This could also happen in other parts of the world, especially the first discovered countries with Delta cases. 

Since this is the case, it is essential to know the face mask models that are pretty effective against the new variant. To help you further, here are the types of face coverings you need to have during the ongoing global pandemic.

Most Effective Face Masks Against COVID-19 Delta 

According to The Hill's latest report,  former FDA (Food and Drug Administration) commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, explained on Sunday, July 25, that people should also look into the quality of their masks before buying them. 

#TechTimesLifeHack: Most Effect Anti-COVID-19 Delta Face Masks | Important Vaccine Information; Are They Free?

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"So it's not more airborne and it's not more likely to be permeable to a mask. So a mask can still be helpful," said the former commissioner. 

"I think, though, if you're going to consider wearing a mask, the quality of the mask does matter. So if you can get your hands on a KN95 mask or an N95 masks, that's going to afford you a lot more protection," he added. 

On the other hand, various medical experts said that ordinary medical masks are also quite efficient when it comes to preventing COVID-19 variants, including Delta. However, they are still not as effective as N95. 

Meanwhile, clothe, or cotton face masks are not that effective, especially against the new COVID-19 Delta and Lambda strains.  

Can You Get COVID-19 Vaccine for Free? 

Alabama.Com reported that COVID-19 vaccines should be free for all residents. CDC even warned those who are planning to sell the essential medicines.

The health agency also said that if you encountered a paid vaccine, then there's a high chance that it is a scam. 

CDC also reiterated the things that vaccine providers should NOT DO: 

  • Deny vaccination to anyone who does not have health insurance coverage, is underinsured, or is out of network. 
  • Charge you for a vaccine. 
  • Charge you directly for any administration fees, copays, or coinsurance. 
  • Charge an office visit or other fee to the recipient if the only service provided is a COVID-19 vaccination. 

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