Why Do You Need a Grammar Checking Tool?
(Photo : Why Do You Need a Grammar Checking Tool?)

The growth of social media and the quest to be present online has led to a considerable increase in content production. Some are informational - from blogs to whitepapers, electronic newsletters, e-books, and thematic articles. Many companies use these different types of content for online marketing. 

As such, the need for good writing skills has increased. In addition, the various social media platforms, websites, and other online portals require helpful content. At the same time, they all need good writing to attract readers and maintain their interest.

Characteristics of good writing

Good writers need skills to create well-written content. Therefore, the elements of good writing should be present - grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. In addition, writing will be easier if the writer masters the rules and conventions. 

One of the primary considerations in good writing is grammar, which describes the morphology (word structure and forms) and syntax (how they are positioned in sentences). Grammar furnishes the rules for the use of written and spoken language for more accessible and better understanding.

A good writer continuously checks the grammar of what they are writing. Grammar checking determines the quality and exactness of the written content. While some professional editors and proofreaders help authors and academic writers, there are several grammar check online tools, which can scan your content for grammatical errors. Some of the more powerful ones available today are AI-powered. You can find free online grammar checkers, and you can also purchase a premium subscription, which will give you access to advanced features of the grammar checker.

Why a grammar checker is vital to most writers

The demand for more content for the online environment is exceedingly competitive. Clients and readers expect content to be well-written. Writers must meet shorter deadlines as well. It takes time to proofread and edit written work; thus, a writer needs all the tools to make their job easier and faster.

 A grammar checker is equipped with various features to check the quality of written content, loaded with all the necessary tools to correct spelling, syntax, punctuation, and sentence structure. It looks for common grammar mistakes and either fix them automatically or provide suggestions. 

Benefits of using a grammar checker 

  • Your writing skills will improve. The grammar checker can clarify why it marks some of the errors and gives recommendations so you can edit a sentence or phrase. It helps improve your writing over time as you learn from your mistakes and remember the recommendations and clarifications the program gives you.

  • A grammar checker examines the errors logically. For example, it can process the sentence and mark it as erroneous if it finds that the word you wrote is not what you intend to use. 

  • The program increases your vocabulary by suggesting other words that are more suitable for a particular sentence or when you're using a word several times in your work.

  • The robust grammar checker can suggest modifiers and descriptors and re-arrange or rephrase your sentences to make them easier to read or improve the quality of the writing.

Editing written content is a complex process. Use a grammar checker to improve the quality of your work. It is still however advisable to enhance your writing skills through formal learning. 

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