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Google Stadia has been updated, and it now lets you control the information that other people can see on your profile.

Soon, you will be able to send friend requests to people you know through their phone numbers or email address.

Google Stadia's Friend Request Feature

Users will notice an orange badge on their avatar as soon as they open their Google Stadia app. The badge will guide them to the Privacy settings, and a prompt will explain the new feature. The prompt will appear on top of the screen.

Users will have the option to let "friends & their friends," "no one," or "all players" send you a friend request, according to 9to5 Mac.

The new feature will allow other players to send you friend requests using your contact information like your email address or your phone number from the Google contact list.

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This replaces the initial feature launched in June 2020 that lets other players find your Stadia Name and your avatar with the email address you've used to create the account.

There is still no news on when the new feature will roll out. Currently, you still can't add a friend on Stadia through an email address. The field under the "Find Players" page only accepts Stadia Names.

Stadia on Android TV

Google is continuously updating the Stadia system. The most recent one is Stadia on Android TV. The feature will let you play video games from Google Stadia directly on your smart TV, and all that you will need is a controller, and Google wants it to be your phone.

For months, the search engine giant worked towards allowing you to use your phone as a controller. The Bridge Mode to Stadia for Android is a feature that lets you connect your phone to your Android TV and serve as a Wi-Fi controller.

There are two ways that you can use Stadia's Bridge Mode and send actual button presses. If you have a connected controller or USB to your Android phone, the app will pass the game controls to the session that is open on your TV.

This feature is useful for Chromecast Ultra, which only supports W-Fi controllers. It will also be handy for Stadia for Android TV, which does not support any USB controllers.

Also, Stadia's Bridge Mode can transform your phone's touch screen into a game controller. You can pass your presses to the game, too, according to The Verge.

This feature could be handy for any situation where you don't have enough controllers to give all of the players present. It is also useful for those who just want to see if Stadia works well on their connection before purchasing a controller for their video games.

Google Stadia 3.24, the latest version of the Stadia app, is now available through the Play Store. The other major developments that were reported all have to do with the Bridge Mode, according to Engadget.

You can do the whole setup process and sign up process through the app. Users who already have an account with Stadia can proceed with connecting their account to their Android TV.

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