Audio accessory manufacturer, Bang & Olufsen announced its first true wireless headphones, Beoplay EQ.

The Danish audio maker unveiled the first of its type, which introduces the adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC) feature.

If you are having a hard time listening to songs because of noisy backgrounds, this go-to wearable will solve your problems with many disturbances.

The ANC focuses on eradicating unnecessary elements that could affect the quality of the sound.

Besides ANC, the company also integrated a passive sealing for the feature. This secures that more noise will be blocked for an enhanced listening experience of the user.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ Features 

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ, the First Pair of Noise-Cancelling True Headphones Eyes Global Launch on August 19
(Photo : Bang & Olufsen Official YouTube Channel)
Bang & Olufsen recently releases Beoplay EQ, its first pair of ANC headphones. The wearable will be available next month. 

From an article written by Tech Hive on Thursday, July 29, the latest Beoplay EQ earbuds feature an impressive aptX adaptive codec by Qualcomm. It also supports Bluetooth 5.2 for up to 33 feet wireless range.

The adaptive codec specifically brings up to 48kHz sampling rates to go at a speed of 420Kbps and a 24-bit resolution.

If you are fond of using different devices using your wireless headphones, the Beoplay EQ will help you recall the last eight devices where you connected.

In addition to that, Bang & Olufsen's recent audio product is both dust and water resistant. Just like Apple's AirPods, it will inform the users about the software updates that will come through its mobile app.

The lightweight feature of Beoplay EQ at 0.28 ounces helps it to be a fan-favorite among other ANC headphones.

Furthermore, its battery capacity is 85mAh, and according to the company, you can use the device for up to 7.5 hours if you don't activate the ANC feature.

If it is turned on, it could last for 6.5 hours beside the 5.5 hours for communication.

Bang & Olufsen is known for its luxurious but durable products. The Beoplay EQ is not an exemption since it comes with a highly-graded aluminum component. Its small case is designed for such size so that the user won't have any problem slotting it inside the pocket.

The case is not only for protection, but it also offers up to 20 hours of playtime. If you charge it for 20 minutes, you can achieve 2 hours of playback.

The full charging time for the Beoplay EQ is 1.5 hours.

According to Christoffer Poulsen, the company's SVP of Product Management, their products are "committed to the customers" who will use them regardless of purpose in terms of pleasure, business, and travel.

"The ergonomic earphones have been designed for comfort and provide powerful and authentic sound, making them a must-have for design and music lovers. Thanks to the durable aluminum charging case as well as the adaptive active noise cancellation, Beoplay EQ provides a revolutionary listening experience wherever you go," Poulsen said.

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Beoplay EQ Accessories, Color Options, Launch Date, and MORE

The Verge recently reported that the Beoplay EQ won't be cheap, and it's even more expensive than Apple's AirPods Pro.

For those who are wondering about its color options, it will come in two choices: Sand Gold Tone and Black Anthracite.

The first one will be available in the official stores of Bang & Olufsen during the time of its global launch on August 19. On the other hand, the Anthracite variant is now up for grabs as of July 29 at $399.

Bang & Olufsen Solves the Problems Among Wireless Headphones 

From what we have observed for the wireless earbuds, some of them appear to easily slip for some users.

For that part, Bang & Olufsen ensured that what we could get will be satisfactory despite its high price. The Beoplay EQ will boast its ergonomic shape so that users will have no issue wearing it.

Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton started to accept pre-orders for the "Horizon Light Up" Wireless Speaker.

For those who are fans of Apple's AirPods, beware that some of them could be fake. To check the originality of the said brand, read this article for more details. 

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