EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming Restock Spotted Online Selling for $1,399.99 | Just $200 Markup from SRP?
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon Official Website) EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming Restock Spotted Online Selling for $1,399.99 | Just $200 Markup from SRP?

The EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming restock might be the news that a lot of gamers have been waiting for! While a lot of people were first baffled by the prices of the latest NVIDIA GPUs, the situation got worse with the scarce supply, miners, and lots of scalpers.

GPU Prices Soar Past SRP

For those that have been struggling to buy new GPUs to upgrade their PCs, following restock trackers used to be an effective way of buying stock online at its SRP. However, as the situation got worse, buyers were no longer able to purchase these GPUs at their SRP. Instead, they had to settle for the lowest possible price.

The situation for gamers has become even more difficult as the popularity of cryptocurrency has brought more and more new miners to wipe out massive supplies of GPUs for their mining rigs. Although the GPUs were initially intended for gaming, they proved to be very useful for crypto miners by providing high hashrates needed to mine cryptocurrency.

Crypto Mining on GPU Prices

With China's crackdown on Bitcoin mining, the prices of GPUs have been directly affected, at least in China. For the rest of the world, purchasing GPU prices at its market SRP is still quite difficult. However, the newly spotted NVIDIA GeFore RTX 3080 Ti might give hope to some gamers.

Although not sold at its flagship price of $1,199, as seen on The Verge, the GPU was sold for $1,399 which is not bad compared to other GPUs that would sell for around $1,000 more than their original price. Although there is still a $200 mark up, this might still be tolerable for some gamers that have long been waiting for the prices of GPUs to improve.

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CPU, GPU, PS5, and Xbox Series X Prices

While the sticky situation used to spread out to other gadgets and PC parts, for a period, GPUs weren't the only PC parts that were gravely affected by scalper prices. Even CPU prices used to be sold at huge markups. As of the moment, the prices of CPUs seem to have normalized while the prices of GPUs are still being sold at markups.

The problem, however, is still stretching to other gaming electronics. Although not a PC part, the PS5 restock and Xbox Series X has been widely affected across the globe as scalpers wipe out every new restock then sell the consoles at higher prices.

Buyers, however, still stand a chance to purchase the PS5 online stock or Xbox Series X online stock at their SRP through following restock trackers and moving fast whenever new stock is made available on different online retailers. Although it is still not a guarantee, gamers are now given a higher chance of potentially purchasing the gaming consoles since they might be able to move faster than scalpers when new online stock appears and restock trackers notify.

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