Microsoft Store Xbox Series X restock has just been spotted online and although this should be a good news for some, a certain Xbox Series X restock tracker Twitter account was met with backlash as the notification might have come "too late."

Xbox Series X Restock

When buying consoles like the Xbox Series X restock or the PS5 restock online, speed is everything when it comes to not just the stock drop but also how fast buyers can place in their order. While an Xbox Series X restock tracker was able to notify that new stock was available on Twitter, it was still met with some backlash for being too late.

According to a certain reply, the tweet was about four minutes too late when the stock dropped and it was gone in just a matter of minutes. One reply also noted that buyers only had two minutes to put in their order which made it very difficult for them. Although there was a recent PS5 restock schedule announced, it is important to have a tracker to notify when new stock will be made available.

Xbox Series X and PS5 Restock Online

When it comes to the Xbox Series X or PS5 online stock, there are two reasons why it is extremely hard for gamers to purchase these consoles. The first one is due to the global chip shortage which has limited the supply of these consoles. The Xbox Series X and S are considered the "fastest selling" Microsoft product on the market, according to GamesRadar.

Due to the heightened demand and the extremely low supply of semiconductors, Microsoft and Sony have been struggling to release new consoles. Although new consoles are sold every once in a while on different online retailers, they are usually done in conservative numbers. 

This means that although the consoles are frequently restocked, they are not restocked with sufficient numbers enough for more people to purchase the console online. The Xbox Series X restock and the PS5 restock aren't the only electronics that are suffering as of the moment.

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GPU and CPU Prices Online

An example of extremely difficult to buy electronics is the GPU. While prices of CPU might have already improved with stock being sold at its SRP from time to time, the GPU is still being sold at heightened marked up prices. GPUs can be sold for as high as $1,000 more than their SRP!

As of the moment, however, it seems like there has been an improvement in the GPU front with certain chips being sold for just $200 more than its SRP in comparison to the previous $1,000 more than its SRP. Although $200 is still a lot of money, it is definitely an improvement compared to the previous $1,000 or more markup for certain GPUs. 

The NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti was found to be selling for just $200 markup compared to its flagship price which is an improvement compared to other GPUs being sold for high scalper prices. As of the moment, the prices of different GPUs vary with others being sold at higher markups.

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