A Poland Instagram Influencer known as "@martirenti," has successfully sold her "love" as an NFT for $250,000, and surprisingly, an anonymous buyer has purchased it online. It was said that the buyer has been given a chance to go on a date with the Polish influencer, but it was not revealed by the influencer who this lucky guy is.

There have been a lot of standard and odd applications for NFTs, which have evolved from digital art to digital music rights, and now, digital games. There have been top-performing NFTs in the past weeks, and they centered on games like Axie Infinity and other related apps.

NFT as Love Sells for $250,000

According to Insider's report, a non-fungible token or NFT has been sold for $250,000 or one million zlotys, and it offers the buyer "love" from a Polish Instagram influencer. This was the first time an NFT of "love" or human emotion is sold. Traditionaly, it would be a digital art, which qualifies an NFT to be a token for selling.

And while this comes off as a bizarre token, it enticed several people from bidding for the "love" NFT of the Instagram influencer and purchasing it from her.

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An NFT is like a blockchain, and it works the same technology as these, making it a purchase that can be sold online and have a record that it went through a transaction. This joins the likes of Bitcoin, which unfortunately remains at a low for its market price, among other popular names.

Who is Poland's '@martirenti?'

Marta Rentel is a Polish online personality, with her Instagram handle known as @martirenti. Currently, Rentel has more than 654,000 followers and is a known personality in her country. Her Instagram account also has the "Blue Check Verification," meaning that she is a public personality that is verified as a true person.

In selling her NFT, the Polish influencer wants to separate her physical self "Marta Rentel" from her Instagram and online persona known as "@martirenti." She said that her internet persona can sell love as nothing in the online world is physical.

Rentel is set to have a dinner date with an unknown buyer, but the details to which were kept in secret.

Is Selling Love or Affection as NFT Now a Success?

While you can sell anything digital as an NFT in the marketplace these days, selling love, affection, or other human emotions is not something you can control and give out. Love is intangible, and it chooses the right person for it, making them a partner to one's self, no matter what gender, race, or background they have.

The said tangible emotions have a paradoxical comparison to a digital item, having similarities and differences that make it confusing as an NFT.

However, the NFT was already sold, and its qualifications as a digital entity were already waved off, as it was successful in selling the influencer's love to a buyer.

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