A new anti-breast cancer AI could help medical experts identify breast cancer more efficiently and quicker. This new artificial intelligence acts like an independent second reader, which assists radiologists in the process of examining breast images. 

The new machine learning technology called the Mammography Intelligent Assessment AI will soon be released in Ireland to support breast cancer screening activities. It was developed by Kheiron Medical Technologies, a science firm currently based in the United Kingdom. 

As of the moment, the innovation is already being released in various parts of the region. It is being offered through medical supply Hospital Services Limited, which currently distributes surgical devices and medical supplies to private and public hospitals. 

UK-Based Hospital Services Limited also covers Dublin and Belfast. 

"We're excited that Mia is the first AI independent reader solution available for use within the breast screening community across the island of Ireland," said the developers. 

Anti-Breast Cancer Artificial Intelligence MIA

According to Irish Mirror's latest report, the new anti-breast cancer AI is a great innovation since it helps radiologists to enhance breast cancer detection and patient outcomes drastically. 

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"According to Breast Cancer Ireland, 690 deaths are attributed to breast cancer annually in the Republic of Ireland and 3,700 women in Ireland are diagnosed every year with breast cancer," added MIA's creators.

They further explained that MIA could help both women and medical experts fight the rising breast cancers cases. Hospital Services Limited's Chief Executive Officer Dominic Walsh added excitedly announced that they are currently looking forward to bring the new artificial intelligence throughout Ireland. 

In other news, ten AI healthcare startups are also taking advantage of AI's advanced features to enhance the public's health. Meanwhile, other agencies are using it in various science activities. These include the recent detection of sunken ships with 92% accuracy.  

Other Advanced AIs 

Aside from the latest MIA, Forbes also reported that experts used an AI application, which allegedly detects early COVID-19 symptoms. 

This health innovation was lead by Kings College London scientists and researchers. They explained that users must input the symptoms they experienced in the new AI application for the last three days. 

After that, the new app will automatically provide outputs based on the medical complications they are experiencing, which could be linked to COVID-19.

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