For a long time, it seemed as if Community was doomed. NBC decided that, despite the show's improved reception throughout its fifth season, Community was no longer worth stressing over. The series had always struggled to find an audience on matter what NBC did, Community never saw stable ratings.

That being said, the show blew up online - it was a strange phenomenon, as Community somehow became a cult hit while it was still on the air. Thanks to burgeoning streaming sites like Hulu, the show had an audience completely separate from television - that's probably why Yahoo was so eager to pick the show back up for a sixth season, and why fans have been waiting so patiently for an announcement about the show's return.

Finally, the wait is over: Yahoo has officially announced that Community will make its re-debut on March 17.

Frankly, it's great to see everyone back together. Community had an extremely unusual run on TV, but the show was always so well put together (except for season four...but they re-hired the show's creator, so it's alright). It was equal parts bizarre, self-referential, heartwarming and genuine, and while two of the main cast members have left the show, everything fans have gotten to see so far feels like genuine Community.

One thing that will separate Community from other series released solely online is that not every episode will be available from the start. Instead, two episodes will be released on March 17, and a single episode will debut weekly from that point onward. It's a strange hybrid of television scheduling and online releases, and it'll be interesting to see just how well Community fares in its new home.

Plus, if things go well...#SixSeasonsAndAMovie!

Community's sixth season is set to debut March 17 on Yahoo! Screen.

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