MoonNation, lead by Ben Todar, will Bridge the gap Between Crypto and Gaming
(Photo : Ben Todar)

Moon Nation Game is to date the best and a giant space-based role-playing game created on a Binance Smart Chain with Moon Nation Game (MNG) as its native token. This multiplayer, role-based game invites its token holders to try and enjoy the gaming experience, where MNG token holders will be issued passports against their holdings. Then they can start their journey of the unexplored space along with top-of-the-line graphics. These tokens will also be used for features in the game itself.  MNG is a firm utility token that reflects rewards, liquidity tax, burn and marketing & promotion wallet tax.

Ben Todar looked over the idea, innovation and development of the coin. Ben, who was a bright student back in his school and college days, set to experience the fields of business, entrepreneurship and projects. He started his journey by opening a restaurant in 2016 and eventually grabbing the best takeaway in the UK award. His ethical thinking, decision making and good nature give him a cut off above others. Not just that, he can quickly adapt to any situation and can help himself out of any difficulties. Along with his extensive understanding of the crypto space, Ben also holds a degree in International Marketing from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has successfully led multiple ventures under his wings, making him a great leader to lead the Moon Nation Project.

Being the main man behind Moon nation, he looks over its development and expansion. His ability to read the markets, their movements made his venture a success. He is always two steps ahead of this time and thinks out of the box. He is also a learned crypto trader whose investment knowledge was built upon a background in OTC stock trading.  Ben's decision to fully doxx himself in the earliest stages of the project lent credibility to the token launch. It gave interested investors the confidence they needed to join the movement. He's thinking that his feet made him the man he is today and an example for coming generations as well.

As the CEO of Moon Nation, Ben strives to inspire even more confidence by seeking out a complete audit of the $MNG smart contract from the experienced blockchain developers at TechRate, which confirmed the token's longevity, reliability, and technical design. His innovative, state of the art, next-generation, blockchain-supported space game also comes with its native platform token,  built on the Binance Smart chain. This game helps players explore multiple planets, join different communities, and choose whether to become friends or foes of many alien species.

Ben and his team of professionals have developed a unique solution to bridge the gap between crypto and games, referred to as "Moon Nation Bridge". Through this platform, users will be able to exchange their holdings against the base currency of MNB. These points can then be used to purchase anything available on the forum. Moon Nation developers will be starting their onboarding soon in the hope to expand a sneak peek at Game storyboards, early Prototyping milestone Scheduling and continued marketing and strategy planning. The game design will be based on mechanics, modelling, audio-visual effects, physics, and the rendering beta version of the web.

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