McDonald's PS5 controller giveaway was supposed to be a limited item to give given away in celebration of the fast-food giant's 50th anniversary in Australia. However, it got canceled after failing to get authorization from Sony.

McDonald’s PS5 Controllers Giveaway Cancelled After Failing to Get Sony’s Authorization
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TOKYO, JAPAN - JULY 14: A man wearing a face mask checks his smartphone next to a McDonald's logo at a McDonald's restaurant in the Shinjuku area on July 14, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. 

It turned out that the fast-food chain announced such an exciting PlayStation DualSense controller, which fans of the gaming console fancy adding to their DuelSense collection, without any approval coming from Sony.

McDonald's PS5 Controller Giveaway

On July 31, Press Start Australia reported that the fast-food chain in the region teased that it is giving away 50 customized limited edition PS5 controllers.

The outlet further disclosed that folks could get hold of the custom and rare controller by watching the Maccas streams on Twitch that will commence for a whole week.

The streamer week will be featuring popular gaming titles, such as "Overwatch," "Minecraft," "FIFA21," "Night in the Woods," "Mario Kart," and even the "World of Warcraft." Meanwhile, streamers like "Muselk," Jacko G," "X2Twins," "Crispy," "Kiki," Crayator," and "Aiden AK."

However, McDonald's announced that the stream week has now been postponed, and a new date for the Twitch event is yet to be revealed.

In lieu of the custom PS5 controllers, the international fast-food giant will be giving Hoodies, among other prizes.

McDonald's PS5 Controllers and Sony

As per Kotaku, upon announcing the postponement of the stream week, McDonald's also admitted that Sony did not authorize the PS5 controller to be used as promotional material for the event.

The fast-food chain further apologized to the hyped fans of the PS5 controller for the inconvenience that they have caused.

The statement also clarified that the stream week was postponed, alongside the cancellation of the McDonald's PS5 controllers.

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McDonald's PS5 Controllers: No Plans of Release

Meanwhile, IGN claimed that the red and yellow-hued PS5 controller, which was designed following McDonald's brand colors, was never really meant to be part of the marketing collaterals of the 50th-anniversary event.

The outlet further revealed that the controller concept did not even receive any execution plans, making it a mere mock-up of a custom PS5 peripheral. Plus, it turned out that the restaurant titan never reached out to the PlayStation maker about it.

So, does it mean that McDonald's and PlayStation were not actually teaming up for a collaboration?

McDonald's Australia has an answer in its recent statement, revealing that "the image was provided to media in error and there is no commercial relationship between McDonald's Australia and Sony PlayStation."

It is to note that this pronouncement is on top of the separate statement that the fast-food company issued, wherein it confirmed that the giveaway has been canceled.

With all of that said, folks looking forward to the PS5 controller collectible are left disappointed with a mere concept.

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