Top NFT Games to Play that Cost Less Than $100 while 'Axie Infinity' Remains Expensive | 'Splinterlands,' 'Gods Unchained,' and More!
(Photo : Screenshot From Sandbox.Game Website) Top NFT Games to Play that Cost Less Than $100 while 'Axie Infinity' Remains Expensive | 'Splinterlands,' 'Gods Unchained,' and More!

NFT games have started to become quite the craze with more and more people playing while earning at the same time!

One of the most popular NFT game is "Axie Infinity," which is currently quite an expensive game to start playing.

The question, as of the moment, is what games can be played that don't cost over $100 in capital?

Most games need players to purchase a certain amount of crypto in order to begin their journey. Although these NFT coins usually go up in price as the game gets more popular, there are a few NFT games that are affordable right now.

Here are the Top NFT Games that Cost Less Than $100 to Play:

1. 'Splinterlands'

For those that enjoyed "Magic the Gathering," this game is quite perfect.

The card blockchain game uses the HIVE blockchain compared to most games that are usually built on Ethereum. Players get to trade cards and win $DEC within the game as their characters get stronger and stronger!

According to, to start playing the game, players will have to purchase a Starter Set, which would cost them $10. Once players have this, they can either load up even more to gain more advantages, or play right away with the basics.


2. 'Gods Unchained'

For those that have tried out "Hearthstone," the game offers a similar gameplay. The blockchain version of the game allows players to collect rare cards and trade them.

Of course, the rarity of these cards can also demand quite an amount when auctioned!

According to, the game will be running on Immutable X in order to provide a gas-less transaction fee in the game's card market.

At the time of this writing, there are packs that cost 0.005 $ETH or around $12 on


3. 'Lost Relics'

This dungeon crawler game is currently within its "pre-alpha" phase but is still very playable.

For those that enjoyed "Diablo," the blockchain game also follows a similar gameplay. For those that want to be early in this NFT game, now is the chance.

According to, the game uses the Enjin Wallet for players to store blockchain items. As per the official page, the game is free and players can earn rewards right away!

However, if players want to get certain membership benefits, this is when they would have to pay.


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4. 'Sandbox Game'

Blockchain "Minecraft?" Well, sort of. This game hosts a number of actions similar to the popular "Minecraft" game.

For those that have started to enjoy the idea of digital real estate, this game also revolves around that concept. Gamers can also create their own games through The Sandbox 3D.

Players can apply to become an artist through the Creator Fund and can monetize the things they create ingame by selling them through auctions and marketplaces.

This game gives a picture of what "Minecraft" might look like if it was built on the blockchain.


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