NFT the Movie? Lionsgate In Works to Make Potential John Wick, Mad Max, Twilight, and Other Movie NFTs with Tom Brady 'Autograph' NFT Platform
(Photo : Screenshot From NFT the Movie? Lionsgate In Works to Make Potential John Wick, Mad Max, Twilight, and Other Movie NFTs with Tom Brady 'Autograph' NFT Platform

NFT the movie? Not quite there.

However, NFTs of massively successful movies like "John Wick," "Mad Max," "Twilight," or even some of the more classic series and movies like "Mad Men" and "Dirty Dancing" could be in the works! 

Lionsgate Partnership with Autograph NFT Platform

The rumors come as Lionsgate has just signed a really strategic partnership with the Autograph NFT platform, which was actually co-founded by Tampa Bay Buccaneers' one and only quarterback, Tom Brady.

An article by HollywoodReporter covered the exciting new partnership that could result in a number of new movie NFTs.

Autograph has also announced another deal with Draftkings. This will exclusively sell certain sports-related NFTs on the brand new marketplace that it is creating. Sports icons such as Tony Hawk, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Wayne Gretzky, and Naomi Osaka have all signed on as certain advisers.

Sports NFTs

The big sports names will exclusively be selling their very own NFTs directly through Autograph.

Lionsgate, on the other hand, will be the official launch partner for Autograph's entertainment vertical, starting with NFTs from a number of its core franchises.

Executive VP & Head of Lionsgate Global Live, Interactive, and Location-based Entertainment Jenefer Brown gave a statement about the big news. According to the statement, NFTs now present a tremendous opportunity to create mixed-reality world building experiences.

NFTs in the Entertainment Business

According to the statement, this would deepen user interaction and engagement, which would also foster a community for their hundreds of millions of different global consumers in order to create some sort of unique digital collections.

It was then noted that Autograph is the optimal destination for their discovery.

NFTs are now becoming quite a huge burgeoning nascent business for different entertainment companies. Even Endeavor is now exploring the space through its UFC business unit, as well as its Frieze art fair. 

Fox and CNN NFTs

Fox Corp. is already giving its very own Blockchain Creative Labs a whopping $100 million creator fund in order to kickstart this business. Fox is also reportedly launching a unique NFT-backed animated show, which would be called "Krapopolis."

Even CNN has decided to get into the game by selling certain NFTs of some of the most iconic moments that were ever captured on the cable news channel's entire history.

The Lionsgate deal, however, reportedly shows the potential of NFTs for owners of intellectual property.

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Lionsgate NFT Offerings

This shows how certain companies can partner with other tech platforms like Autograph in order to develop their own existing IP directly into NFTs. With NFTs on the rise, more and more industries are slowly taking advantage of the opportunity.

With other forms of NFTs as seen on the popular "Axie Infinity" game coming out, there's no telling what could be next.

Aside from visual artists and other iconic memes or popular videos, could the NFT space be ready for movie-backed NFTs with Lionsgate entering the scene? Fans will have to wait until the official movie NFTs are announced and what they will be.

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