GM (General Motors) is expected to release new zero-emission vehicles that would not rely on electric power. 

The car manufacturer's innovation could change the zero-emission car industry, which is currently dominated by Tesla and other rising electric vehicle developers. 

New GM Zero-Emission Vehicles To Arrive: Expect Chevrolet-Based Van, Medium-Duty Truck With Hydrogen Fuel Cell
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The giant automobile maker said that the two new models will help it expand its first-to-mile subsidiary called BrightDrop. One of the new cars will rely on an electric battery, just like Tesla Model 3 and other popular EV brands. 

Since the new electric cargo van of General Motors will be under Chevrolet, consumers could expect a new automobile that is quite similar to Chevy Express van. 

On the other hand, the second GM zero-emission car would be a medium-duty truck. This automobile is quite different since it will not use electricity. Instead, the CEO of the giant car developer, Mary Barra, said that the new van will take advantage of General Motors' Hydrotec hydrogen fuel cell technology and Ultium. 

GM's Zero-Emission Initiatives 

According to Tech Crunch's latest report, the upcoming GM zero-emission automobiles are just the tip of General Motors' initiatives, which would allow it to enter the zero-emission car market. 

New GM Zero-Emission Vehicles To Arrive: Expect Chevrolet-Based Van, Medium-Duty Truck With Hydrogen Fuel Cell

(Photo : Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)
A Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle sits at an event where Fritz Henderson, CEO and President of General Motors, announced that GM will invest $43 million in Brownstown Township, Michigan to manufacture lithium-ion battery packs for the Chevrolet Volt and other extended-range electric vehicles at the GM Brownstown Battery Assembly facility.

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As of the moment, the giant manufacturer's innovations focus on hydrogen fuel cells, which are designed for the long-haul and heavy-duty purposes, as well as battery electric technologies. 

Back in January, General Motors announced that it would release its Hydrotec Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Cubes to Navistar, a truck creator. The company added that the new zero-emission trucks could go on sale this coming 2024. 

"Between these new trucks, BrightDrop, EV pickups coming from Chevrolet and GMC, and our work with Wabtec on locomotives, and Navistar on semi-trucks, we will have electric solutions for almost any towing or hauling job you can imagine," said GM's CEO. 

Right now, GM, Tesla, and other car manufacturers are making huge efforts to reduce the rising carbon emission across the globe. Global warming could be lessened once other companies successfully released their own EV or hydrogen fuel cell car models.  

General Motors Generates $2.8 Billion Profit

Fort Worth Business Press reported that despite the ongoing chip shortages in the car industry, General Motors was still able to generate $2.8 billion in revenue. 

Their profit arrived even though their vehicle units were short by 200,000. As of the moment, GM plans to use its billion-dollar revenue to push its EV plans.

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