Tesla released a new patent involving the design of the electric pickup truck, Cybertruck. The patent revealed where did the automaker get its inspiration in creating the said vehicle. Somehow, the patents could have been utilized to be the basis for the Cybertruck's appearance, but this means that only some of them were being used by the EV manufacturer.

What Influenced Tesla Cybertruck's Design

New Tesla Cybertruck Patent Shows Design References For the Electric Pickup Truck
(Photo : Tesla patent design via screenshot )
A design patent for Tesla Cybertruck by Alain Clénet

Besides the patent for the Cybertruck, Tesla has also announced two other design patents for the Roadster and the Model Y vehicle. However, what we would only discuss is the pickup truck which has been loud to the critics.

Many people found it interesting since Cybertruck's design was unique. Although some commented that it was fascinating, others said that the design was "garbage." Some spoke that its look was bland for a truck.

This controversy has left a question to everyone about the possible inspiration for the Tesla Cybertruck's design.

List of Design References For the Tesla Cybertruck

According to Electrek on Tuesday, July 27, there are seven referenced patents for the design of the pickup truck. All in all, the oldest among them had been existing for over 40 years.

  • Patent D253406 by Carabetta dated November 1979
  • Patent 4496184 by Byrd et al. dated January 1985
  • Patent D307247 by Clenet dated April 1990
  • Patent D308031 by Falero dated May 1990
  • Patent D424012 by Gaytan dated May 2000
  • Patent D432980 by Gaytan dated October 2000
  • Patent D445397 by Gaytan dated July 2001

We do not know what exactly was the patent reference for the design of Tesla's electric pickup truck. Each of them can be chosen as an inspiration by the huge EV creator.

Moving forward, the company acknowledged Franz von Holzhausen, the head of design, Ian Kettle, the lead exterior design head, and three other people: Ivan Lampkin, David Imai, and Sahm Jafari for the "actual" design of the Cybertruck.

To view the Tesla Cybertruck design patent, click here.

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Cybertruck's Patent About Durability and MORE

Last May, Tesla divulged details about the armor glass patent of Cybertruck. According to the company, there is only a 10% chance that its glass will be broken. Apparently, Tesla was focused on building a "near-indestructible" and bulletproof glass for the truck.

Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the upcoming Cybertruck will have a rear-wheel steering feature. The production for the truck is scheduled for later this 2021.

Musk said that the additional feature will help the drivers to control the vehicle with "high agility." In addition, the rear-wheel steering is often seen to be similar to what the GMC Hummer EV introduced.

The counterpart for the GMC feature is called the "crab mode." This makes it convenient for the drivers to maneuver the vehicle in any direction.

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