SpaceX's Super Heavy with its Raptor Engines has been moved to the "Orbital Launch Pad" where it would be held by its Orbital Launch Tower. On the other hand, SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, teases that its launch tower is known as the "Mechazilla," will do this for the upcoming rockets of the company in the future.

The test launch is not yet even finished but Musk has already teased new missions for the named catch tower of the company.

Mechazilla was also characterized as a "Chop Stick," especially with the way it catches and holds up the Super Heavy for its upcoming test launch. Musk or SpaceX still has not shown any new photos of the SN15 Starship despite being important in the full-stack flight with the booster.

Super Heavy, Raptor Engine Moves to Orbital Launch Pad

As revealed by the SpaceX CEO earlier today (@elonmusk), SpaceX's Super Heavy Booster rocket together with its Raptor Engines has moved to its orbital launch pad. What is it? The launchpad is where the Super Heavy would stand up, as it is being held up by the launch tower with its two arms that hold it upright.

Of course, the Super Heavy would require the said arms to keep its position upright and to position the stacking spacecraft atop it. SpaceX is approaching this move with great care, as they might damage the Super Heavy in the process.

Yesterday's report said that Musk is bringing the Super Heavy to the Orbital Launch Tower, but apparently, it was only moved near there.

Now, the SpaceX CEO showed that it was lifted by the crane and was carefully lowered to the launch pad, where it awaits its future cargo of the SN15 Starship.

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Mechazilla for All Rockets Says Musk

In another tweet, it was revealed by the billionaire that "Mechazilla" would also be used for other rocket ventures of the company. And probably, what he meant by this is that it would be utilized for all of its mission that involves that of the Super Heavy and Starship. It is quite noting that Musk initially said that the Starship would replace the Falcon 9 in delivering payloads to the ISS and orbit. This is particularly because of Starship's better reusability factor which outdates the Falcon 9.

Additionally, the Starship does not have any launch tower when it initially tested its launch and landing capabilities. Musk may be referring that for future missions and standalone flights of the Starship, Mechazilla would be the pad to launch from.

The only thing is that Mechazilla is not yet ready for these ventures, says the CEO.

SpaceX Mechazilla: What is It?

As mentioned earlier, Mechazilla is the Orbital Launch Tower which would hold the Super Heavy upright, and catch it on its way down. It is extremely important for the Mars mission, and future ventures of SpaceX, as it would make way for the reusability feature, readying it for the rocket's next use.

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