SpaceX Starlink Mobile App Hits 90,000 Users in Beta Phase with 4.6 Out of 5 Rating
(Photo : Screenshot From App Store) SpaceX Starlink Mobile App Hits 90,000 Users in Beta Phase with 4.6 Out of 5 Rating

The SpaceX Starlink mobile app has just reached a new achievement of getting 90,000 users despite only being in its Beta Phase. As of the moment, the mobile app reportedly got a new upgrade this week which reportedly makes it easier for users to find clear patches of sky in order to monitor connection outages.

SpaceX Starlink Mobile App

According to The Verge, the SpaceX Starlink mobile app has also added a new dark mode for its active user interface. The app improvements reportedly came out just yesterday as SpaceX had reported a strong 90,000 active users during the open "better than nothing" beta phase. The users reportedly span rural regions across 12 different countries as of the moment.

SpaceX's description of the Starlink mobile app on the Apple App Store notes that it has been completely updated and renovated with the current version. This even includes a way for users to scan their surroundings in order to look for obstructures even before installing an official Starlink terminal.

Starlink Scans for Obstructions

Just like the previous method, the app reportedly directs users to scan their surroundings through the use of their phone cameras. The new version, however, generates what seems like a tiny dome around the Starlink dish which overlays other potential obstructions which are marked by different colors.

A Reddit thread of users share their experience and seem quite impressed with what Starlink is providing them. The brand new update would also allow Starlink users to track just how frequently Starlink services would drop with a brand new outage log that is capable of visualizing data on usage, latency, and even uptime.

How Many Starlink Satellites Are There?

Starlink has reportedly launched a whopping 1,740 Starlink satellites from 2019 up to now. This would position Starlink as the world's largest satellite operator with about 1,650 that are currently in orbit while some were deorbited. The Starlink mobile app has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the App Store.

The company told the Federal Communications Commission or FCC that Starlink already had 90,000 active users. This would include both individual households as well as other various government users including towns, schools, and even fire departments. There is actually a Starlink coverage map online to help users know just how much ground the Satellite covers. 

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Starlink Internet-from-Space Service

The article by The Verge notes that the potential laid out for Starlink is quite massive as it is considered a large internet-from-space service. The potential to upend the market and provide users grounded broadband fiber might actually be tantalizing while the company, however, has a way to go.

SpaceX has reportedly updated its Starlink app a number of times in the past with new features slowly being added every once in a while. As to when the SpaceX Starlink will be made officially available for everyone is still being anticipated by most internet users. Elon Musk announced Starlink would be fully mobile before the end of 2021 allowing users to enjoy the service on their RVs.

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