Netheru OU Launches the World’s First and Largest Exchange for Personality
(Photo : Netheru OU Launches the World’s First and Largest Exchange for Personality)

A cryptocurrency firm based out of Europe; named Netheru OU launches the world's first and largest exchange for personality. The rationale behind the idea? To help people determine the true monetary value of their personality.

The company is working to solve the single biggest problem that almost every asset out there faces today. According to the CEO Ricky Ammendola, "Every day people come across assets that are born and then eventually they die. Their value soars enriching thousands of people and then eventually those assets collapse irretrievably, with them destroying the savings of people who invested in those assets. There are hundreds if not thousands of examples of such assets and cryptocurrencies, which soared overnight gaining the attention and capital from millions of people and then eventually they died, financially crippling all those people who invested in those assets. No asset or crypto, be it tangible or intangible is prone to this and everything has seen ups and downs depending upon the mood of the market and its volatility.

However, if there is one key takeaway from all this, it is that those assets or the entire market itself is no more influenced by real facts, instead it is influenced by news and rumors generated by people and often those people who are famous or influential."

The recent case of Doge coin, a cryptocurrency created as a joke with no intrinsic value went soaring through the sky, all because of a series of tweets from Elon Musk. This is a proof of the fact that the markets are no longer influenced by the real value of the assets; instead it is us people who decide which way the market would go.

So you might ask the question; if the actual value of the asset no longer matters, what it is that actually matters. The answer is simple, all assets, in whatever market they may be found, are based on a single supreme asset that is human personality. The power of human personality can influence the performance of those assets simply by opinions left on social networks.

Behind those innocuous but powerful opinions are the primordial energies of reputation, influence and leadership, capable of moving the community, or even creating large communities that may support an idea or an asset.

In this world of today, where human personalities hold immense power, social media networks are nothing but a platform to showcase one's personality. It has become the battleground where wars of likes and comments are fought every day to prove one's worth. Some win, while some loose. However, the value created on these networks is very much real and desirable, even though these likes and comments can be effortlessly placed or sometimes even be bought.

Modern day humans have been living inside a personality bubble, whose value has until now been determined by parameters that can be easily manipulated. With the help of Nether, the world is entering an era of personality on blockchain, where anyone can market their value through tokens.

Nether NFT marketplace is the world's first and largest exchange for personality, where celebrities, influencers or other popular people will be able to determine the true value of their personality. Anyone would be able to create an NFT of themselves, with the help of a few pictures and a brief bio. Nether would then peg what they are calling personality tokens to these unique NFTs. Your fans and devotees would then be able to trade, buy, sell and exchange your personality token, or in other words your personality bits.

The interesting aspect to this is that since there is real objective value, if anything happens so that your value goes down, you can make an effort to bring it back your previous level or increase it further. You can work harder to increase the perceived value of your personality and offer more and better services related to your personality-token.

By making the use of the native token Nether (NTR), you would be able to get up to 50% discount on the transaction fees associated with every transaction. If you're a famous personality with an NFT for your personality on the marketplace, you would easily be able to exchange the tokens pegged to your NFT. You will immediately get the counter value of personality-tokens in Nether and the company will take the personality-tokens in the respective wallet.

Creation of an NFT

Through the Nether Launchpad, creation of an NFT will be extremely simple. All you would have to do would be to create a profile and associate an NFT with your personality profile. Once the NFT is live on the Nether NFT marketplace, you can share it with your fans who might be interested in buying a piece of your personality.

The way an NFT works is that a single NFT is created for each VIP personality, however, since purchasing a single NFT can become impossible given its massive price point. Therefore, tokens are pegged to the NFT in order to create a liquid market. This way the NFT remains yours as an underlying asset, and by purchasing the tokens, users can buy, sell, own and exchange personality pieces for smaller and even insignificant amounts.

The Community

Nether NFT has successfully managed to gather a community of over 150,000 users in the past few years. This community consists of various famous personalities, their fans and just simply Nether devotes who are either already associated with Nether or will jump on board as soon as the token is listed on exchanges.

Moreover, the team at Nether NFT is leveraging various result-oriented marketing tools to expand this community. By January 2023, they aim to have created a community of more than 10 million users who would be buying, selling, owning or exchanging the bits of tokenized personalities every day.

Learn more about Nether NFT by visiting their website. Follow Nether on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates on their project.

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