Mystery Apple Product Popped Up on FCC Filing | Chromecast?
(Photo : Screenshot From Apple Official Website) Mystery Apple Product Popped Up on FCC Filing | Chromecast?

A mystery Apple product has been spotted as the company filed it to the FCC. Although filings mostly give away upcoming products, it still can't be helped as companies would still need the approval of the FCC in order to release that product to the public.

Apple Passes a Mysterious FCC Filing

According to AndroidPolice, every so often, a brand new mysterious device passes through the FCC that piques buyers' attention. Sometimes, the new listing outright gives information regarding what some buyers could get when the product comes live. 

Filings even sometimes give information regarding unannounced phones and other upcoming gadgets. It is also a great way to confirm rumored gadgets that have yet to come to the market. Apple had just added the "store" tab to its website after being unavailable for a brief moment.

FCC 'Wireless Streaming Device' GJQ9T

There are times, however, that filings do not reveal enough about the potential product coming. An example of this is a new device that recently came from Google which has been able to make its way through the FCC. However, only time will tell what the product really is.

The recent FCC filing reportedly describes a new "wireless streaming device" along with the model number GJQ9T through the If this particular listing does seem familiar, this is actually because there was another similar gadget from Google at the FCC just a few months ago. 

Mysterious Device

During this time, the speculation is that it was likely another Nest Cam or something similar. When it comes to what the specific device could be, it's still anyone's guess as to what they actually could be.

Of course, buyers are free to speculate what the upcoming product might be. However, based on the whole timing of the filing, the best guess as of the moment actually seems to be some brand new Chromecast model.

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New Product Listing on FCC

The previous year's Chromecast with Google TV had also successfully passed through the FCC back in August, 2021. The reported device was using the model number GZRNL. As of the moment, another exciting Apple product is the OnePlus which is meant to be an Apple AirPods Pro alternative that packs just a small business.

The gadget, however, was previously listed as a particular "Interactive Media Streaming Device" and not as another "Wireless Streaming Device." As of the moment, however, whether this is enough to squash the whole possibility of a successor to Google's latest dongle, buyers will have to wait in order to fully find out.

Outside of a potential new Chromecast, there still aren't any other suspects as to what the possible gadget could be. The morning's announcement reportedly seems to rule out any other sort of new Nest hardware. The Wi-Fi 5 support, however, crosses the high-end Pixel Buds off of the list.

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