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Researchers Get To The Bottom Of Easter Island Mystery

A new study found that the locations of the megalithic platforms or ahu at Eastern Island in Chile are tied to the community's basic needs for survival. Whenever there are giant statues in an area, there are massive amounts of freshwater.

Ancient January 11, 2019

Sun Vanishes For Three Hours Over Rural Siberia, Russian Authorities Remain Mum

Parts of Yakutia region in Siberia were blanketed in a chilling darkness for three hours when the sun disappeared from view. No explanations have been offered as to what could have caused this mysterious event.

Earth/Environment July 30, 2018

Twitter Sleuth Enlists Smithsonian To Solve Mystery Of Lone Black Woman Scientist In Old Photograph

Last week, Twitter went to work to find the identity of a single black woman scientist from a mysterious photograph from the 1970s. After days of going through various materials, the mystery of her identity was solved.

Viral March 19, 2018

Who Was Detective X? Secret Forensics Investigator Of The 1930s Revealed To Be A Physicist From National Bureau Of Standards

Nine notebooks found in the archives of NIST reveal that the true identity of the renowned Detective X is a quiet, unassuming physicist on a random calibration assignment.

Feature | Culture March 21, 2017

Mysterious Pinging Sound From Sea Floor Baffles Arctic Locals And Scientists: Submarines, Mining Operations Or Aliens?

There have been reports of a mysterious 'pinging' sound that is said to be coming from the Arctic sea floor. An investigation launched by the Canadian military returned no answers to the origin of the phenomenon.

Earth/Environment November 4, 2016

White Shark Cafe Set To Open To Human Viewers

The White Shark Cafe is an area of the Pacific Ocean where sharks make tremendous dives for unknown reasons. Biologists have a plan to find out why — a shark cam.

Animals July 2, 2016

What Are Mysterious Ripples On Sand Dunes Of Mars?

Sand dunes on Mars have three types of ripples, while those on dry land here on Earth show just two. What can this tell us about the geological past of the Red Planet?

Space July 1, 2016

China's Hainan Island Home To 35 Tons Of Dead Fish

The bodies of around 35 tons of dead fish have washed ashore on a local lake of the southernmost province of China. The cause of this event is stirring controversy.

Earth/Environment May 6, 2016

Alas, Poor Yorick - Someone Stole Shakespeare's Head

William Shakespeare died 400 years ago. Now, a new study shows someone may have made off with his head long ago.

Arts & Culture March 26, 2016

Following New Horizons Visit, Pluto is Looking Curiouser And Curiouser

Pluto and its family of moons are presenting astronomers with a wealth of new questions about the distant worlds. What mysteries has the New Horizons spacecraft revealed now?

Space March 17, 2016

Strange Changes In Bright Spots Of Ceres - What Is Happening On The Dwarf Planet?

The dwarf planet Ceres is unlike any other body in the asteroid belt, featuring mysterious white spots. Now, astronomers have discovered these odd markings are changing - but why?

Space March 17, 2016

What Are Bizarre Fairy Circles Appearing in Australian Outback?

Fairy circles found in Australia are largely the same as similar features found in Africa. What causes these mysterious formations?

March 16, 2016

Giant Underwater Craters May Shed Light On Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Countless ships and planes have disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle, but no one knows how. New research suggests that multiple underwater craters in the Arctic may shed light on the mystery.

Animals March 14, 2016

Arecibo Radio Telescope Discovers First-Known Repeating Fast Radio Burst

Fast Radio Bursts are one of the least-witnessed events in astronomy. Now, they are seen repeating for the first time, ending one mystery while asking another.

Space March 2, 2016

Fast Radio Bursts From Six Billion Light Years Away Solves Pair Of Cosmic Mysteries

For the first time ever, astronomers have measured the distance to a fast radio burst (FRB). How did this answer a pair of mysteries about the universe around us?

Space February 24, 2016

'Firewatch' Release Date On Feb. 9, 2016: An Exploration Mystery In The Wilderness

Come Feb. 9, 2016, Campo Santo's debut game 'Firewatch' will be released for Windows, PS4, Linux and Mac. Currently, the team is busy 'polishing, optimizing, writing and developing' the remaining aspects of the title.

Apps/Software October 14, 2015

Mysterious Phenomenon Of Ice That Grows Like Hair Explained

The strange formation in this photo is actually made out of ice. Known as hair ice, this strange phenomenon has puzzled scientists for decades, but a group of researchers in Switzerland and Germany have at last solved the mystery.

July 22, 2015

X-37B Spy Plane Set To Launch For Mystery Mission On May 20 - What Is It Doing?

The X-37B spacecraft is ready to start its latest mission to space. What will be happening aboard the highly classified mission?

Space May 18, 2015

Mystery Behind Origin Of Life On Earth May Have Finally Been Solved

Scientists claim to have solved the mystery behind the origin of life on Earth. The researchers do not have concrete evidence but if proven, it could be one of the biggest achievements in the scientific field.

Animals March 19, 2015

Loch Ness Monster Sighting By Tourist 'Caught' On Camera: Real Or Fake?

Consuela Ross and her family were walking on the banks of the Loch Ness when they saw the Loch Ness monster, they now claim. A video taken after the beast sank below the surface could be proof that the fabled monster indeed exists.

March 18, 2015

Even VLT Is Having Difficulty Finding Missing Brown Dwarf

A binary star system is acting like a brown dwarf is orbiting in its system, but the object isn't there. What happened?

Space February 18, 2015

Cosmic Ray Burst Seen in Real Time: A First

Fast radio burst from the depths of space have only been recorded in archival data from radio observatories. Now, astronomers have seen one of these events in real time, for the first time ever. What could these observations tell us about this strange phenomenon?

Space January 19, 2015

NASA Creates 3D Model of Superstar Eta Carinae Explosion [Video]

The binary star system Eta Carinae has been recreated in a 3D model. What did astronomers learn from this unusual project?

Space January 9, 2015

Demise of Ancient Mayan Civilization: Belize's Blue Hole Hints at Drought as Cause

The Mayan civilization was one of the most advanced of its time in the America before they disappeared. Now, we may know what happened to them.

December 29, 2014

American Kindergarten Teacher Stabbed to Death in Abu Dhabi Mall

Ibolya Ryan, a kindergarten teacher living in the United Arab Emirates, is dead, following a vicious attack in the bathroom of a shopping mall. Who was she, and why was she murdered?

Society December 3, 2014

Cute Gray Seals Discovered Killing Porpoises on Purpose: What Could That Be?

Porpoises are being attacked by gray seals once deemed harmless to the species. What is driving this unusual behavior?

Earth/Environment November 28, 2014

How Did a Peruvian Beach Become a Sea Lion Graveyard?

Hundred of dead sea lions have been found on a beach in Peru. What could this incident have to do with other similar mass deaths seen in recent years?

November 24, 2014

Russian Scientists Explore Giant Sinkhole in Siberia. What Did They See?

Russian scientists explore the giant crater in northern Siberia that was found in July this year. The cause of the big sinkhole still remains a mystery.

November 14, 2014

MH370: Search continues for plane that disappeared seven months ago

The search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 continues seven months after the disappearance of the plane. Now, investigators are starting to look to the south of their current search area.

Life October 8, 2014

What is that mysterious thing on Saturn's moon Titan?

NASA's Cassini spacecraft recently spotted a mysterious feature on the surface of Titan, one of Saturn's moons. After several months of observations, this feature is growing and changing, lending it more intrigue.

Geek September 30, 2014

Who was Jack the Ripper? New book claims to reveal his identity

For more than 125 years, the identity of notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper has remained a mystery. Now one amateur sleuth thinks he has solved the case with DNA evidence.

Movies/TV Shows September 8, 2014

Stonehenge secret revealed by dry grass - it was a circle!

The ancient monument of Stonehenge may have once been a complete circle, according to an accidental discovery.

September 4, 2014

New evidence could prove that Stonehenge was once a full circle

A Stonehenge groundskeeper stumbled upon a clue about the ancient site. Although archaeologists never found evidence that the structure was round, dry patches of grass suggest it was once a complete circle.

Internet Culture September 3, 2014

How do Death Valley rocks walk? Scientists finally have answer

Mystery of Death Valley's "sailing rocks" solved. Take a winter storm, freezing temperatures and high winds, and voila! -- stones that move.

Animals August 27, 2014

Found: Thigh bone of Martian on Red Planet. Or is it?

The Curiosity rover on Mars has found an object that resembles a thigh bone on the Red Planet - What could it be?

Space August 24, 2014

Milky Way map may help solve century-long stardust mystery

The makeup of stardust is partially unknown, but that mystery may be solved by the creation of a new map of the Milky Way galaxy.

Space August 17, 2014

Two more holes found at 'The end of the world' in Siberia

After one mysterious hole was discovered in Siberia, another pair has now been found. But, what is causing these unusual geological formations?

Animals July 31, 2014

Giant hole in Siberia may be because of global warming as new details emerge

The first pictures from inside the hole in the ground discovered in Siberia show a frozen lake at its bottom.

Animals July 19, 2014

Crater forms in Siberia 260 feet across - what caused the hole at the end of the world?

A crater formed in Siberia two years ago, and has just now been spotted. What caused the hole at "the end of the world?"

Animals July 18, 2014

Bizarre, mysterious and enormous crater in Siberia baffles scientists

Huge hole in remote area of Siberia has researchers scrambling for an explanation. 250-foot-wide crater may be result of underground explosion of gas, officials say.

Animals July 17, 2014

Great White super predator cannibal? Disappearance of large shark stymies researchers, scientists

Scientists seek a 'super predator' that may have eaten large great white shark. The hunt is the subject of a Smithsonian Channel documentary.

Animals June 12, 2014

Termites did not cause mysterious fairy circles in Namibian grasslands. Then what did?

Researchers say they doubt termites are responsible for mystery circles found in African grasslands. An explanation is still elusive, they say.

Animals May 22, 2014

Mystery behind construction of ancient pyramids solved by physicists

Massive blocks of stone were transported great distances without wheels, during the construction of the pyramids. Now, we may know how they did it.

May 2, 2014

Scientists solve 'bio-duck' ocean sound mystery: Antarctic Minke whales

Antarctic mike whales are the source of a mysterious sound that has been recorded underwater since the 1960's. Here's how the discovery was made - accidentally!

Animals April 23, 2014

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