The TikTok community has been startled once again with the newest trend in the platform, the "Frozen Honey Challenge."

From its name, the challenger should prepare honey, or any variations of it straight from the fridge.

The video-sharing app is home to different challenges that are sometimes beneficial, but are oftentimes dangerous. For our Friday culture, we will find out if the Frozen Honey Challenge is safe to do for everyone.

What is TikTok Frozen Honey Challenge

[Viral Culture] TikTok Frozen Honey Challenge is Trending Now: How Safe is it
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Is the Frozen Honey challenge in TikTok safe enough? Let's find out.

According to Forbes, the latest food challenge in TikTok will only require you with honey, a container, and of course a freezer. It depends on the users whether they want to add some spice to the challenge, like pouring other substances in the bottle.

The honey will be placed in the bottle. Later, the challenger will put the bottle into the freezer. After the mixture is already frozen, the person will be instructed to squeeze the bottle so the frozen honey will appear.

The twist in this challenge is you will eat a big chunk of the frozen honey in the process. That's quite strange for some reason since we usually intake honey in teaspoons.

According to those who tried the challenge, there's a rush of natural sugar in every bite. For others who bought fake honey, too much artificial sugar might be unhealthy.

Benefits of Eating Honey

Before we tell if this challenge is safe, let's first tackle its benefits.

According to "The Clean & Simple Diabetes Cookbook" author Jackie Newgent, honey is rich in prebiotics and antioxidants. Since honey is sugary in composition, eating it will help the person regain some energy.

In fact, it consists of 17 grams of sugar per tablespoon.

In line with the Frozen Honey challenge, Newgent said that those who did the most recent food trend will have a refueled glycogen. This food could be an ideal replenishment for those who need to re-energize after a heavy workout.

Is Frozen Honey Challenge Safe?

After hearing its wonderful benefit to humans, let's now talk of some downsides of the TikTok challenge.

In an article by Everyday Health, there are risks that challengers might encounter upon experimenting with this weird health challenge.

We mentioned that honey is a good energizer for those who have done strenuous exercise. Since honey is high in sugar, a person might suffer from a spike in blood glucose from this challenge.

As per the recommendation by the American Heart Association, men are only required to eat 36 grams of honey per da,y while women could only consume 25 grams.

For those who have diabetes or other related complications, the Frozen Honey challenge could contribute to an increased level of glucose in the blood. Excessive sugar can trigger headaches in people with the said conditions.

Besides the abrupt surge of blood glucose, the Frozen TikTok challenge could cause diarrhea, bloating, and stomach cramping. This is brought by the continuous consumption of fructose that leads to malabsorption conditions.

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Other TikTok Food Challenges That You Can Try

Last month, the Mustard Watermelon challenge on TikTok became one of the loudest food challenges on the platform. It involves putting mustard in a watermelon.

The idea might be gross at first, but according to the challengers, the taste has a surprising combination of salty and sweet taste.

You can also try these three:

  • Pesto Eggs Challenge - It involves frying eggs in basil pesto.
  • Cloud Bread Challenge - If you are a fan of experimental food, the combo of sugar and cornstarch eggs might be suited for you.
  • Bake Feta Pasta Challenge - The pasta lovers might be rejoicing now with this challenge. All you need is to bake your pasta and make a grainy sauce for it.

Going back to the Frozen Honey Challenge, the experts advise those who want to try it to be cautious in their sugar intake. It's good to consume honey, but consider your limitations, as well as the possible consequences.

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