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Elon Musk shared pictures of SpaceX's Starship spacecraft on his Twitter account after it was attached to a booster, effectively making it the largest spacecraft ever built so far.

Elon Musk on SpaceX's Largest Spacecraft


Musk and SpaceX will eventually use the Starship spacecraft to send people to space as the billionaire pushes to make humans multi-planetary species.

But before that could happen, Starship needs to undergo a series of tests, and SpaceX is currently preparing for its orbital flight, which will require the spacecraft to fly into space, spin into the Earth's orbit, and land back.

To ensure a successful orbital flight, the spacecraft will rely on the power of its booster, which was assembled in the past couple of weeks, according to TechCrunch.

Aside from being the largest, the Starship is now the most powerful rocket ever built. It had beaten the record set by NASA's Saturn V, a spacecraft that took humans to the Moon for the first time.

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Musk stated that SpaceX had planned to put the spacecraft and the booster together on Aug. 5, but it was delayed due to strong winds.

On Aug. 6, the two pieces were finally stuck together, eventually assembling a massive launch vehicle. A small group of people watched the event from afar at SpaceX's base in Houston, Texas, as the spacecraft and the booster were piled together.

However, it is unlikely that the two will remain together until the scheduled orbital flight, and SpaceX will likely separate the two to conduct the final individual test.

The schedule for the orbital flight has not been announced yet. SpaceX is currently facing a regulatory constraint because the company needs the Federal Aviation Authority or FAA's approval before the Starship can launch.

Tesla Missing from EV Announcement

Amid the SpaceX celebration, Musk's followers had pointed out that his other company, Tesla, was not invited to President Joe Biden's announcement regarding electronic vehicles. The snub had angered a lot of Tesla fans.

The White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed in an interview with CNN that President Biden refused to invite Musk because of the ongoing auto workers union.

On Aug. 6, President Biden invited General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis to sign the new EV executive order. The order is set to create a target to make half of all new vehicles in 2030 zero-emission.

Biden discussed the effort to revert the previous administration's changes to the emissions standards in the United States. The standards were first introduced during the Obama administration.

Some of the automakers supported the changes made by the previous administration, but now that Biden is in charge, they all agreed to comply with the new standards and speed up the distribution of EVs in the US.

While Tesla does not have much to do with the new order since they already comply with their sales having no emissions, the public still found it odd that the company known for its electric vehicles was not even mentioned at the event, according to Business Insider.

Despite not inviting the company, the White House did acknowledge that Tesla is the leader of EVs in the country.

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