Some AT&T Users Lose Their Numbers and Get Compensated with a $100 Gift Card
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Some AT&T Users Lose Their Numbers and Get Compensated with a $100 Gift Card

Some AT&T users that are losing their number only to get compensated with a $100 gift card! Imagine owning a mobile phone number for a significant amount of years then losing it all of a sudden!

AT&T Subscribers Mobile Phone Number Change

According to AndroidPolice, AT&T subscribers in the United States Virgin Islands as well as Puerto Rico are experiencing this issue! The problem reportedly started back in 2019 when the company sold its mobile business in those two markets to Liberty.

A small number of Virgin Island and Puerto Rican area codes that mostly use the phones on the US mainland still continued as AT&T users. Those days, however, are ending with wireless providers noting that subscribers can remain AT&T subscribers if they change their phone numbers. AT&T is giving those that comply with a $100 Visa Reward card.

AT&T Gift Card and Refund

AT&T won't be able to provide customers with phone numbers in the markets that they had sold off to Liberty. Customers in the United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico will get a $100 gift card and a refund for the number change fee. AT&T has claimed that their 5G speeds can reach up to 2Gbps.

AT&T gave a statement saying due to the sale of their wireless operations in those areas, the company is only authorized to use the territories' phone numbers as part of a temporary arrangement. The company notes that they have already started the transition for a small number of customers needing wireless numbers in order to mainland area codes.

AT&T Admits Inconvenience

AT&T admits that they realize the inconvenience and thus offering customers a $100 Visa gift card as well as credigint any of the number change fees that customers need to go through. AT&T has also revealed that there are just a few customers involved in the number change and most of the AT&T customers just ended up moving their own accounts to Liberty.

It was noted that only those who use their phone most of the time on the US mainland have stayed with AT&T and are now being forced to change their number. The notification reportedly comes through email, according to PhoneArena.

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AT&T on Current Offer

The email heading notes that users can get exclusive offers to help them change their number. Quite interestingly, the affected users in the two affected markets who have transitioned to Liberty could still have problems transitioning all the way back over at AT&T should the mood hit them. AT&T previously argued that 10Mbps is enough for users as a lawyer argued that they were overcharging.

AT&T also notes that affected customers should not need to accept the deal which is currently being offered. However, the carrier still notes that the subscribers are still going to lose their current phone numbers and the deal offered by AT&T might be less valuable compared to the one that is currently being dangled by the wireless provider.

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