The PS5 introduced a brand-new controller that promised a whole new gaming experience for the next gaming generation. And so far, it has delivered on that promise and much more. With a slew of nifty features on offer that you couldn't get from competing systems, the DualSense was considered one of the PS5's greatest strengths.

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Fortunately, you don't have to own a PS5 to experience the magic of the DualSense controller. This is a guide on how to install the DualSense onto your PC, complete with special features like adaptive triggers and advanced haptics.

PS5 Controller On PC: Basic Installation Steps (Wired & Wireless)

Wired: Installing the PS5 controller via the wired option is very straightforward. All you need is a USB-C to USB-A port, which you will then plug into your computer.

Bluetooth: If your PC doesn't have onboard Bluetooth, buy and install a Bluetooth dongle, then open the Bluetooth & Other Devices menu by pressing the Windows key and typing "Bluetooth" in the search bar. Click "Add Bluetooth device."

Then, turn on the PS5 controller by holding the "Share" and PlayStation logo keys at the same time for a few seconds. As soon as you see the "Wireless Controller" name on the devices list, click on it to pair the controller with your PC.

Ps5 controller bluetooth install
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After pairing, however, you're not done. According to PCGamer, only a handful of games will be able to use the PS5 controller because it's using its very own DirectInput driver. Windows, on the other hand, uses XInput, which is what's on the Xbox controllers. The next part of this guide deals with remapping the PS5 controller for PC gaming use, so it won't be limited.

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Setting Up the PS5 Controller on Steam

Since you play on PC, it's safe to assume that you'll be playing most of your games on Steam, right? That's where the remapping guide starts.

Assuming you've already connected the DualSense controller via cable or Bluetooth, you can now launch Steam in Big Picture Mode. From there, you need to Controller Settings, where you should see the controller showing up like this:

ps5 controller show up
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Steam will automatically remap the buttons to match that of an Xbox controller, which means you don't have to do much tweaking. Here's a CRITICAL TIP, however: make sure that the "Playstation Configuration Support" option is clicked, like this:

Ps5 controller configuration support
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This will come in handy if, for some reason, you want to change your PS5 controller's button layout or gyroscope controls.

Making the Controller Work With Non-Steam Games

What about non-Steam games? Well, to make the DualSense controller work for games on platforms like, say, the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect, all you need to do is bring Steam back into the feature by adding all non-Steam games to your Steam library. Just go to Games > Add a non-Steam Game to my Library, like this:

Ps5 add non steam game
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You'll then see a dialog box where you can look for your game executables. It's a lot easier to add them if you already have the shortcuts to the games on your desktop.

Making Advanced Haptics Work

One of the PlayStation 5's niftiest features is advanced haptics; in other words, touch. This adds an extra layer of immersion in games that support the feature because it makes the player "feel" the environment they're playing in. Making advanced haptics work on the DualSense is a little tricky to explain in words, so here's a video tutorial:

What About Adaptive Triggers?

Adaptive triggers are also another very neat feature on the PlayStation 5. For example, in games such as shooters, the triggers simulate the different amounts of pressure required when pulling different triggers on different guns. The same goes with shooting bows.

Here is another detailed, easy-to-follow tutorial:

And there you have it! Now you can fully enjoy the wonders of the PS5's amazing controller on PC.

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