PS5 DualSense controller has a hidden feature that you might not notice. Besides games, you can also connect it to Spotify to play songs of your choice. You don't have to open your phone anymore to browse your favorite music, as this wireless game accessory will do the job for you.

PS5 DualSense Enables You to Play Songs From Spotify

PS5 DualSense Can be Synced Up with Spotify--How to Play Music While In-Game?
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PS5 DualSense Controller can play songs from Spotify

Depending on the game, players could now feel the songs the same way they feel games. According to Android Headlines' report on Friday, May 28m, you can now listen to the in-game audio to improve your overall gaming experience. 

For those who have played PS5 and Xbox Series X, the features might be different but both of them have a unique set of characteristics from one another. In particular, what PlayStation boasts is its special PS5 DualSence controller which is made to boost user's gaming experience.

Unlike the previous traditional controllers that you have used for PlayStation, the DualSense's distinct haptic feedback will surely tour the gamer to a whole new level of playing.

Moreover, its adaptive trigger support lets the users feel the "near-real" texture of an in-game encounter. For example, if you fire a gun, you can feel a sensation after pulling the trigger (through the buttons) produces an unexplainable kind of touch.

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PS5 DualSense is not limited to this amazing set of features, as recently, the previous Reddit post has emerged once again after people discovered that they could play Spotify through it. It's highly compatible with the music-streaming app so give it a try.

How to Play Songs from Spotify Using the PS5 DualSense Controller?

According to The Gamer, you can plug the console controller through a USB-C cable into the PC. After inserting it, you can now start listening to music on Spotify. You can also feel a "deeper" connection to the song thanks to its haptic feedback.

If you want to "literally" link yourself to all music in the platform, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by plugging the PS5 DualSense into your computer. After a moment, the driver on your Windows will appear. Install it.

  2. On the bottom-right part of your screen, click the speaker icon. You can now adjust your desired output of the speakers.

  3. In the Control Panel, choose Sound and tap Properties.

  4. Go to the Enhancements tab, then check the Speaker Fill Box. Tap Apply to see the changes.

  5. Restart your Spotify then play music. You should now feel the "rocking" sensation from your DualSense.

  6. In addition, you can also play songs in Spotify by plugging your earphones into the controller.

Upon playing a Spotify audio using your PS5 DualSense, expect that it won't be smooth like you are expecting. Since it varies from one game to another, the level of what you can feel would depend on what you play. For example, the sensation from playing "Resident Evil Village" can be different from what you experience in playing "FIFA."

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