Google Meet New Features | Here's a List of the Workspace Editions Included
(Photo : Image from Google Meet Website) Google Meet New Features | Here's a List of the Workspace Editions Included

Google Meet is now extending its co-host limit to up to 25 co-hosts per meeting! Now collaborations can be done on a much wider scale with 25 co-hosts at a time. This can also help with full presentations on Google Meet! The feature will only be available to a number of workspace editions. Check out below which editions are included.

Google Meet New Features

According to the story by Android Central, Google Meet is now adding a number of different features that are meant to help expand controls in a single meeting while keeping it free from unwanted interruptions. The headline addition is the actual ability to delegate up to 25 co-hosts in a single meeting!

The brand new co-hosting feature will make everything much easier to moderate. This means that every meeting will be easier to moderate with additional controls which Google has just unveiled

Google Meet Host Management

These even included the ability to help enable or disable screen sharing, mute all participants with just a click, limit who can chat with each other, and end the meeting for everyone involved. In order to assign co-hosts, users will simply need to turn on the option called "Host management" located under the "Host controls" section located in the Google Meet settings.

Up until now, adding co-hosts was available limitedly only to Google Workspace for Education customers. There are certain limitations to the feature's main ability as it stands. The features are only rolling out for a few Workspace editions.

Workspace Editions Included:

  • Google Meet Business Standard

  • Google Meet Business Plus

  • Google Meet Essentials

  • Google Meet Enterprise Essentials

  • Google Meet Enterprise Standard

  • Google Meet Enterprise Plus

In addition to this, Quick Access settings are also coming directly to one of the best video conference software. This particular control would allow hosts to be able to choose who can automatically join a specific meeting and who would still need to request the host's permission first.

Google Meet Default Features

The feature is now turned on by default. This means that meeting participants from the host's domain can automatically join a meeting through mobile or desktop or even by simply dialing in. Google Meet also announced a free 'unlimited' group calling back on July 14, 2021.

If the feature is disabled, the meeting will not start unless the host themselves jumps in first. Participants can also choose to block anonymous users as well as only those who are invited can join without needing to ask permission. The new Google Meet features like co-hosting and screen sharing are an exciting addition to the app.

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Google Meet Co-Hosting Access

Its availability as of the moment, however, is still limited only to those Workspace customers and G Suite Basic and Business customers. This means that the controls are still not yet available to the Workspace Individual users or those that are using their personal Google accounts. 

There is also reportedly a new option to be able to quickly search for specific participants through the newly updated People panel. This will allow users to mute participants, kick them, or even delegate co-hosting access. The new controls is expected to roll out on desktop as well as mobile devices starting August 16, 2021

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