A new "Fender Sessions" video that showcases American rock band Beach Bunny and the brand's American Professional II Series has been released on YouTube.

In the new "Fender Sessions" video, Beach Bunny performs three of their songs live from Chicago's Adler Planetarium.

'Fender Sessions' Beach Bunny Video

"Fender Sessions" is a "three-song set from a unique location that helps peel back the curtain on the creative process of artists around the world," according to the website of Fender, who produces the series.

The series features both new, emerging talent as well as known legends in the music scene.

The new "Fender Sessions" video features Beach Bunny, an American rock band formed in 2015 in their hometown of Chicago. The band performs three songs in the video: "Nice Guys," "Prom Queen," and "Cloud 9."

The episode also features an interview with the band's vocalist, Lili Trifilio. Trifilio discusses how she started as a performer, as well as her first gigs, going viral on TikTok, and the importance of writing songs for yourself first before you do it for anyone else.

The band's performances, which were done live from the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, also featured guitars from Fender's American Professional II Series lineup.

American Professional II Series

Fender American Professional II Series
(Photo : Photo courtesy of Fender)

Fender's American Professional II Series features a lineup of 10 electric guitars and basses that are handmade in Corona, California. These guitars and basses are the embodiment of the needs and wants of artists.

"We reviewed every element across the series, incorporating new specs like a new sculpted neck heel, new pickups, supernatural neck finish, and various aesthetic refinements including bold colorways, tonewoods like Roasted Pine and Tortoise shell guards on select models," according to Justin Norvell, EVP of Fender Products.

The American Professional II Series guitars and basses feature a deep "C" neck profile and rolled fingerboards designed for the comfort of the user, as well as a sculpted neck heel for more accessibility to the guitar's upper register.

The American Profesional II Series also features push-pull switching, staggered tuners, new V-Mod II pickups and voicing, and polyurethane finishes.

Color options for the guitars and basses of Fender's American Professional II Series include Mystic Surf Green (Jazz Bass®), Dark Knight (Telecaster®), Mercury (Precision Bass®), 3-Color Burst (Jazzmaster®), and Miami Blue (Stratocaster®).

Those who play "Rock Band VR" may be familiar with the Stratocaster as pre-orders of the game came bundled with wireless Fender Stratocaster guitars.

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Fender History

Fender is a manufacturer of stringed instruments as well as amplifiers that was founded in 1946 in a workshop in Fullerton, California. The company was founded by Leo Fender.

Its first flagship factory and headquarters were opened in Corona, California in 1985. It was eventually followed by a second factory located in Ensenada, Mexico two years later. The Fender Custom Shop was opened that same year.

Fender's current range of products include electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, guitar and bass parts, amplifiers, accessories, and even lifestyle products. In 2016, Fender released its first in-ear headphones in 2016.

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