U.S. President Joe Biden considers including mental health clinics on his new budget bill.
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U.S. Joe Biden's trillion-dollar budget bill could include mental health clinic improvements as one of its priorities. As of the moment, the United States government officials are worried that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could put the country's mental health in a bad state. 

US President Joe Biden's Budget Bill Plans To Include Mental Health Clinics as Pandemic Isolation Could Increase Death Cases
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Various medical experts claimed that isolation could increase people's depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. To lessen this issue, community behavioral health firms in the United States are offering 24/7 services so that no one would have to deal with their anxiety and depression alone. 

One of mental health clinics' strategies is to deploy peer counselors who survived depression and major trauma themselves. Mental health efforts were already launched during Obama's term. 

There were later improvements under Donald Trump's administration. Now, the current American leader wants to do the same by enhancing mental health clinics through his $3.5 trillion budget plan. However, this is still not guaranteed since it was not originally stated on the bill. 

US President Joe Biden Wants To Improve Your Mental Health

According to AP News' latest report, the global COVID-19 pandemic increased overdose deaths by nearly 30% back in 2020. On the other hand, medical researchers confirmed that the isolations also trigger anxiety and depression. 

US President Joe Biden's Budget Bill Plans To Include Mental Health Clinics as Pandemic Isolation Could Increase Death Cases

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A bottle of antidepressant pills named Effexor is shown March 23, 2004 photographed in Miami, Florida. The Food and Drug Administration asked makers of popular antidepressants to add or strengthen suicide-related warnings on their labels as well as the possibility of worsening depression especially at the beginning of treatment.

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U.S. Senator Roy Blunt explained that the pandemic is affecting the mental health of many young adults and adolescents, especially those who are living far away from their families and friends. 

"If you had any kind of addiction issue, it was likely to get worse as you're more likely to be isolated and have more anxiety," he added. 

The upcoming mental health program of U.S President Joe Biden's administration would be called "Certified Comunity Behavioral Health Clinics." 

In other news, the re-implementation of COVID-19 masks in schools is still being debated by various officials. On the other hand, FDA plans to approve the 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shot booster for immunocompromised individuals.  

Other Priorities of Biden's Budget Bill

Aside from mental health clinics, NBC News reported that the latest budget plan of the U.S. president plans to improve the environment, education systems, as well as provide medicare expansions. 

The trillion-dollar was approved after the government came out with a 50-49 vote result, which is in favor of the new budget plan. 

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