Apple's Fall Event this year would have multiple events, following the footsteps of last 2020's showcases in the latter part of the year. It is quite noting that there were three events in Fall alone, compared to its Spring and Summer 2020 events which only had one. 

This year, there was only one Apple event so far, and it is the Spring Loaded event last April 20, which revealed the iMac M1 and iPad Pro M1. 

Rumors of the upcoming Apple MacBook Pro M1 of 2021 would be featuring a mini LED upgrade, and this was confirmed by popular Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, among others. 

Apple Fall Event: Numerous Events Coming 

Apple Event
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2020's Fall was a loaded one, as it had three events in total, which had one for each month of the said season or quarter. September had the "Time Flies," October featured the iPhone in "Hi, Speed," and November released the first Silicon Macs with "One More Thing."

Just like last year, Bloomberg said that Apple would have multiple fall events for 2021, featuring a lot of tech from the Cupertino giant. The known Apple insider and analyst said that this is because it has multiple products lined up for release this year.

The showcases would highlight the different features and products of the company, focusing on the innovation and updates put up with it.

However, it was not revealed whether these events would be either less or more than three, compared to last year. The only information about this is the products that would come. 

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MacBook Pro 2021: M1X is Coming

M1 MacBook's Battery Life Surprises Apple During Tests—Making It Believe Indicator Is Broken: Webcam Upgrade To Arrive?
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Gurman added that a new device is coming, and it would be the updated MacBook Pro, with its 2021 version having the new and improved Apple Silicon chip. The Pro version of the Apple notebook would receive the latest upgrade for its popular line of SoC, and this time, it would be called the "M1X."

Initial rumors have talked about the "M2," but it seems like Apple is not yet done with the "M1" name just yet. 

The MacBook has been facing some scanner issues in the past week, and it has caused massive concerns for people with Apple already releasing a fix for the error. 

Apple's Fall Event 2021

The Apple Fall Event 2021 would be multiple, and just like 2020, it would have a myriad of tech that would come for people to enjoy.

According to Mac Rumors, a lot of reports have been piling up about the release of these devices, speculating a lot of techs to come this year.

From the iPhone to the AirPods, not to mention new iPads and an updated MacBook Pro, the public is only seeing the tip of the iceberg for what Apple plans next. 

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