The Dixie Fire, already regarded as the largest wildfire in the history of the state of California, is still ongoing and before-and-after photos captured by a satellite have shown the damage it has caused. 

The images were captured by the WorldView-1 satellite and have been provided by Maxar Technologies. 

Dixie Fire Before-and-After Satellite Images

Infrared Satellite Imagery of the Dixie Fire in Greenville, California
(Photo : Screenshot taken from Maxar Technologies)

The Dixie Fire is still raging in northern California and a satellite has captured before-and-after images of the devastation it caused in a particular Californian town. 

The WorldView-1 satellite captured the before-and-after images, which have been shared by Maxar Technologies. 

According to Space, 75% of the town of Greenville in California "succumbed after the massive blaze tore through the town."

Black-and-white satellite imagery taken by the WorldView-1 satellite shows the aftermath of the Dixie Fire in the area. Additional color infrared data provided by Maxar Technologies show which areas have been burned as well as those that are considered as "non-burned vegetation."

The town of Greenville is considered a historic town and dates back to the state's Gold Rush era, according to Al Jazeera. Historical buildings as well as a gas station and a hotel have been lost due to the Dixie Fire. 

Dixie Fire in California 

The ongoing Dixie Fire started in Northern California last July 13 according to the report by Space. 

Per Al Jazeera, the Dixie Fire already burned 845 square miles of land as of writing. Over 6,000 firefighters are currently trying to battle the fire as it continues to rage on. Affected California counties include Butte, Lassen, and Pluma. 

As of writing, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) has said on its website that the Dixie Fire is 31% contained. 

California is no stranger to wildfires and the Dixie Fire is just one of many wildfires to ravage the state. In fact, California has what is known as a "fire season." The Dixie Fire is part of the series of wildfires that comprise the 2021 Fire Season of the state. 

The California 2020 Fire Season of last year, which included a wildfire triggered by a smoke device used in a gender reveal party, is considered as the largest fire season in California's history. It remains to be seen whether or not the current fire season can exceed last year's. 

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What are Wildfires?

National Geographic defines wildfires as "an uncontrolled fire that burns in wildland vegetation, often in rural areas." Wildfires can happen in vegetation both in and above the soil. 

Ground fires burn in vegetation located in soil that is "thick with organic matter that can feed the flames, like plant roots." This type of wildfire can rage for a long time and can even span an entire fire season. 

Surface fires burn in vegetation located above the soil. The vegetation is either dead or dry that includes parched grass and fallen leaves. 

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