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A new PS5 restock is expected to brace the market this August 16 to August 22, 2021! It's been quite a while since fans of the Sony PlayStation 2 were able to get any proper restocks. It seems, however, that there are some upcoming restocks to hit major retailers like GameStop, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and more!

PS5 Restock Online Window

According to GamingIntel, a new stock is expected to hit online retailers this coming August 16 to August 22. This comes as a pleasant surprise as the last restocks weren't that successful for some gamers. A new technique, however, has previously been discovered in how Walmart restocks are usually rolled out.

Although the technique was not technically for the PlayStation 5 but rather for the Xbox Series X restock, both restocks are oftentimes similar in how they are released. Walmart had an hour-long PS5 restock which meant that the window for buying the PS5 stock online was stretched to an hour. 

Although the stock would automatically be sold out in a matter of seconds, the chances for gamers to purchase the PS5 have still significantly increased. The Walmart PS5 restock was released in batches every ten minutes. This meant that if gamers missed the first batch, they could still catch up for the second batch!

Here are the rumored PS5 restock drops this week:

It is important to keep constantly in check with these online retailers as the stock could drop at any unexpected time. There is, however, a better method for monitoring when the stock will drop.

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PS5 Restock Tracker Twitter Accounts Online

Instead of consistently checking the restock every once in a while, gamers can simply follow PS5 restock tracker Twitter accounts in order to see if new stock is available online. Restock trackers basically tweet out whenever a new PS5 restock is available online and for those that have their notifications turned on, they can move as soon as new stock becomes available online.

The PS5 restock has also changed in dynamics as there were even previous PS5 restock announcements via email inviting gamers to purchase the console online. Although each website usually varies in their approach, one thing that buyers must have is an account to all the different online retailers that could help them have the console for a smoother transaction when they drop.

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