Sony PS5 Restock July 2021 Via Email Confirmed | July 16, 2021 3PM ET Drop
(Photo : Screenshot From PlayStation Official Website) Sony PS5 Restock July 2021 Via Email Confirmed | July 16, 2021 3PM ET Drop

Sony PS5 Restock July 2021 is coming soon as a confirmed email blast has been inviting buyers to get one from Sony directly.

A PS5 restock tracker on Twitter just confirmed that for those that were able to get an email from Sony inviting them to purchase a new PlayStation 5 stock on Friday, July 16, 2021 3PM ET, then it is legitimate.

Sony Direct PS5 Restock Online

Although it seems like only the buyers that got the invite would be able to purchase the PS5 stock online, the restock tracker Matt Swider noted that people should not panic.

According to him, Sony actually often opens up the virtual queue for all, usually at 5PM ET at the exact same day.

The restock tracker noted that it is not always, however.

Since the Sony Direct PS5 restock is coming soon, it's worth noting that the competition to buy the new console is still very steep. There are, however, a few guidelines that can be followed in order to increase chances of purchasing the PS5 new stock online.

PS5 Online Stock Through Email Invite

The first thing buyers can do is to wait for the waiting room countdown to officially expire. This will then put them in a randomized virtual queue and give them a higher chance of purchasing the console. Buyers should then open the link in a new different browser or devices in order to increase their chances.

The key is to not open the link in different tabs but in different browsers or in different devices.

The waiting time that says "more than an hour" is quite normal, and for those that are lucky, they will move right away.

Buyers are also encouraged to also have their PSN accounts ready as well.

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Scalpers and the Global Chip Shortage

The difficulty in purchasing the PlayStation 5 restock has been going on since the console's launch in November 2020.

According to an article by Bloomberg, scalpers have been purchasing the console through the use of bots automatically placing orders whenever the console pops up on different online retailers.

The good thing about the email invite by Sony Direct is that users will be able to have a chance to be prioritized by the system itself.

Of course, this does not guarantee a 100% chance that buyers will be able to pick up the console. The good thing, however, is that due to the randomized que, scalpers will have more difficulty in purchasing the console.

The PS5 restock is not the online electronic that is currently being targeted by scalpers. The Xbox Series X restock is also another big console being targeted by certain scalpers online. Buying an Xbox Series X nowadays is just as difficult as buying the PS5 restock online.

Certain PC parts like GPUs and CPUs have also swelled in price as a result of scalpers reselling them and the global chip shortage.

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