How to Turn Off Night Mode | Apple iOS 15 New Feature
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) How to Turn Off Night Mode | Apple iOS 15 New Feature

Want to learn how to turn off Night mode for Apple with the new update? The new Apple iOS 15 feature now includes options for users to take better photos in certain low-light environments.

Apple iOS New Feature

According to PhoneArena, Apple is currently just a few weeks away from officially releasing the new iOS 15, and one of the newest features that will allow users to turn their Night mode off.

For those that aren't too familiar with Night mode, this is a particular feature that allows iPhone users to snap good viewable photos even under other low-light conditions.

This particular feature is already available with the Apple iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 lines, and it automatically turns the Night mode on whenever in low-light environments.

Users can tell that Night mode is already on whenever the icon located at the top of the screen turns yellow.

The Apple iOS 15 is expected to include a number of new features aside from the Night mode toggle.

Night Mode Enabled and Disabled

When a particular photo is snapped with the new Night mode enabled, a new number located next to the icon will tell the users how long the whole exposure will take.

Tapping the particular icons will allow users to control the time of the Night mode exposure feature by using a simple slider.

Depending on exactly how dark it is outside when users are taking the video, the new Night mode photo might actually be quick or it could also take a couple of seconds to take a good shot.

Apple iPhone 12 Series

With the Apple iPhone 12 series, the selfie and portrait modes are supported by the Night mode feature.

Users will be able to capture photos in low-light condition where the Night mode would prove most effective.

Still, a number of people just might want to have the ability to be able to turn off Night mode, and this is going to happen in the Apple iOS 15, according to 9to5Mac.

With the Apple iOS 15 installed, users will simply need to go to Settings, click on Camera, click on Preserve Settings, then finally have to find a new toggle for the Night mode.

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Apple iOS 15 Night Mode Function

If users choose to disable the Night mode feature by leaving the toggle off for a shot, the iPhone will remember this option and users will have to manually turn the feature on again should Night mode need to be used.

The article by PhoneArena notes that having the Night mode turned on automatically is actually quite a time saver. This would allow users to opt out of Night mode as a time saver.

However, this can be done only if the user is not in a low-light environment. Aside from the Night mode, the Apple Health app is also an exciting new feature for the new iOS 15.

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