Moderna has an mRNA HIV Vaccine that is now ready for its Phase I experimental tests, and it is one of the very first pharmaceutical companies which released protection against the virus. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is one of the most notorious infections in the world, with no known cure or protection against it. 

Pfizer and BioNTech, and Moderna were the only two companies that went with the experimental vaccine base of mRNA for their COVID-19 shots. And they are considered to be the most protective shots among all vaccine makers' take on the immunization campaign. 

Moderna's mRNA HIV Vaccine for Phase 1 Trials

Moderna is Testing its Phase 1 HIV Vaccine
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Moderna is Testing its Phase 1 HIV Vaccine

Moderna has announced that it is now seeking participants to undergo their Phase I trials of the mRNA-based HIV shots, and they would need healthy participants to join this program.

The pharmaceutical company aims to seek out 56 healthy participants in the study, which would receive the first version of the inoculation against HIV. 

HIV is known to be the virus that leads to AIDS or the "Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome" which causes several life-threatening conditions and diseases. This is the worst-case scenario of HIV and is known to be fatal to those that develop it. 

What Moderna aims for, is to completely take away the chance of HIV to develop and infect different cells in the body, by giving it the chance to fight and protect against it. The Phase I trials would look at the first version of these shots for further studies, tweaks, responses, and what is needed to be done after its inoculation. 

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Moderna's Study on HIV

Moderna published its studies on the Clinical Trials platform, which detailed it would use the mRNA-1644 vaccine for its Phase I experimental trials. 

Currently, Moderna has two vaccines prepared for HIV and these are mRNA-1644 and mRNA-1574; where the former is the one to be used for the experimental trials.

These vaccines are still under constant studying and research, with the administrators looking at every possible outcome and effects it would have, when people starts receiving it.

This would also determine its inoculation on specific age groups and other parameters. 

How to Join Testing Procedure, Study?

The pharma company has not yet revealed how it would select participants or its application process, but note that it would choose healthy individuals, with no previous history of getting infected with HIV.

There would be different possible outcomes for the testing procedure, with its primary focus being among healthy people's immune response to the drug. It would also look for the progress of a body's B-cell, which is the one that develops antibodies to fight against viruses. 

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