Twitter New Feature Could Let Users Report 'Misleading Tweets' | Crackdown on Fake Info Approach
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Twitter New Feature Could Let Users Report 'Misleading Tweets' | Crackdown on Fake Info Approach

Twitter's new feature could finally allow its users to report misleading tweets. The popular social media is now cracking down on fake info.

The social media platform, however, is reportedly not yet responding to these flagged tweets.

Twitter, like a number of other social media platforms, is mostly facing changes, especially when it comes to the flow of misinformation within its networks.

The platform is now implementing new changes to help remedy this.

Twitter New Feature Crackdown on Fake News

According to TechRadar, Twitter's previous attempts to take down fake news through different features just like Birdwatch, which is still a work in progress.

As a particular continuation of that, Twitter is now allowing for small groups in the United States, South Korea, and Australia to help report tweets on the social media platform that currently still contain misinformation.

A new clickable option will finally appear for a number of select users whenever they want to report a somewhat problematic tweet.

It can also be accessed through the typical three gray dots that users will see on the right side of the tweet. 

Meanwhile, the social media platform has reverted some old features making the experience easier for Twitter users.

Twitter to Assess if This is an 'Effective Approach'

After users click on the three gray dots, people who are reportedly part of the whole test group will be able to see an option to report that specific tweet as misleading.

Twitter also did not reveal exactly just how many users will be able to have access to this particular feature.

The limited test, however, might not actually lead to any direct action on the tweets that are flagged by users. Twitter also noted that it is assessing whether this is actually an "effective approach."

Twitter to Identify Certain Trends

Twitter noted in a tweet that they might not actually take action and also cannot respond to each report while still in the experiment.

Users' input, however, will help Twitter identify certain trends in order for them to improve the speed and scale of the platform's broader misinformation work.

Quite interestingly, Twitter is also giving an option for users to identify under which classification the chosen tweet is misleading. Users will be able to flag the tweets under "Health," "Politics," or "Something Else."

As part of its action against misinformation, Twitter has even suspended the account of a US Congresswoman for vaccine misinformation.

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Twitter Misinformation Crackdown

Twitter has not been the only social media offering this feature. Facebook also allows its users to report false information regarding politics, health, or social issues.

Nevertheless, the microblogging site is also apparently concerned regarding the fact that this new "flagging for misinfo" feature can be misused by other vested interests all wanting a curtain option contrary to the others.

Twitter is now testing out the feature's efficacy and is also holding back its response to certain tweets that are flagged. The social media platform has also put some other tools in place in an attempt to be able to help users discern what specific information on its platform is considered inaccurate.

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