WhatsApp New Feature Could See 90-Day Disappearing Messages | Beta Update
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) WhatsApp New Feature Could See 90-Day Disappearing Messages | Beta Update

A WhatsApp new feature could bring users 90-day disappearing messages. The good news is that this feature is optional and users will be able to choose whether they would prefer their messages deleted or not. Learn more about the new WhatsApp beta update.

WhatsApp New Feature

According to AndroidPolice, WhatsApp might not really be the most feature-rich messaging app compared to other popular messaging apps but still, the application is considered one of the most popular messaging apps around. WhatsApp reportedly has an install base reaching billions.

Just recently, a new disappearing messages feature was spotted. This new WhatsApp feature is where users could set a specific chat to simply self-destruct after a given period of time. There are also other WhatsApp alternatives that can be used for those that are more privacy oriented.

WhatsApp Beta Update

As of the moment, if the feature is enabled, the app will then delete the selected messages after 7 days. More recently, WhatsApp has started working on a particular option for users to do so every 24 hours. However, if the 7 days might seem like too little of time, WhatsApp is now also working on adding a larger 90-day option.

The new WhatsApp feature was uncovered by WABetaInfo in the beta update. The feature, however, is not yet live as of the moment. This feature along with the 24-hour option are not yet available for general use and are still considered part of the beta update as of the moment.

WhatsApp 'View Once' Photos and Videos

When the current in-development options will finally launch, WhatsApp users will be able to see the whole 7-day one remain along with the newer options giving users three options in total for just how long they want the messages to disappear. Together with new "view once" photos and videos, WhatsApp will be better when it comes to handling sensitive chats.

As of the moment, however, WhatsApp still has a long way to go in comparison to its alternatives like Telegram or other messaging apps. For those that want to try this particular feature, as of the moment, it is still not available to the public even in the beta version.

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WhatsApp 90-days Disappearing Messages

As reported by GSMArena, WhatsApp previously introduced the 7 day disappearing messages last November, 2021. Just a couple of months ago, it had also started to work on the new "view once" messages. The "view once" feature will automatically delete the message after the user sees them.

The new WhatsApp 90-days disappearing messages will be available soon and users can reportedly choose between turning the feature off or on. Users can simply choose between the messages disappearing in 24 hours, 7 days, or even 90 days. The "view once" feature could have a negative effect as pedophiles might be able to use this feature to their advantage.

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