Apple iOS 15 New Beta Safari Redesign Toggle Allows Users to Bring Back a More Comfortable Look
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Apple iOS 15 New Beta Safari Redesign Toggle Allows Users to Bring Back a More Comfortable Look

Apple iOS 15 Safari will allow users to bring the browser back to its previous design.

The latest beta for the Apple iOS 15 includes some helpful bug fixes as the company is using the update to help change the controversial new design for its popular Safari browser.

Apple iOS 15 Redesign

According to the story by ScreenRant, when the new iOS would officially roll out this fall, the new operating system is set to be quite a substantial update for the iPhone touting new redesigned notifications, SharePlay, Focus modes, and a whole host of other much smaller changes.

It might also not be as visually different compared to the whole shift from the iOS 13 to the iOS 14.

The new upgrades, however, do provide quite a good look.

A new aspect of the iOS 15 has raised quite significant criticism in its brand new interface for the Apple Safari.

Apple New Safari URL

The new iOS 15 now attempts to help modernize the design of Safari by moving the URL bar all the way to the bottom in order for users to be able to swipe between tabs. The new UI looks sleek on paper but it is still quite minimalistic.

The Apple iOS 15 is even available for the earlier Apple iPhone 6S and is compatible with every other device after that.

The original design removed a number of old shortcuts from the Safari URL bar and hid them directly behind the new menu button. This makes Safari more cumbersome compared to iOS 14.

The combination with general muscle memory shift directly after the URL bar located at the top makes it easy to see why the changes aren't easily received by everyone.

Apple Safari Shortcuts

Apple release notes said that the bottom bar is now redesigned to show below page content.

9to5Mac folks took a closer look at the redesign and showed a more interesting mix of both old and new. The URL bar is still located at the bottom, but now with the old Safari shortcuts that remain much in demand.

The shortcuts include sharing, back/forward, reading mode, and viewing all tabs.

It now also appears that the URL bar will remain at the bottom when scrolling. This is where it used to float between both the top and the bottom of the Safari screen.

There are a lot of other things that the Apple iOS 15 has to offer.

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Apple iOS 15 and iOS 14 Design

For those that don't want the URL bar to be at the bottom, the new Apple iOS 15 beta 6 adds an option to go back to the iOS 14 design. Users can open the Settings app, click on Safari, and a new option located at the top allowing users to choose Tab Bar or Single Tab for the browser.

If users choose Single Tab, Safari looks the same as it has in the past. The company also did something quite similar to the macOS Monterey beta back in July 2021.

This would give people the option to use the old and new tab design whenever browsing from the desktop.

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