Windows 11 Pushes Microsoft Edge as Default Browser by Making Switching More Difficult
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Windows 11 Pushes Microsoft Edge as Default Browser by Making Switching More Difficult

Windows 11 is now pushing Microsoft Edge as a default browser by making the switch more difficult with users have to go through quite a complicated process in order to switch their default browser.

Windows 11 Microsoft Edge

According to the story by SlashGear, ever since it was finally decided to end the Internet Explorer, Microsoft has been on a very aggressive campaign in order to push its replacement into the minds of everyone.

It now took its efforts to the next level by switching the Edge browser from its very own edgeHTML to Chromium.

After experiencing different legal penalties over the Internet Explorer, Microsoft is more careful regarding giving its users the main option to use their own browser of choice on Windows.

That does not really mean it has to make things easy as the new Windows 11 is suggesting.

Changing Default Browser on Windows 10

Changing the default web browser has been possible on the previous Windows 10.

The most accurate description of the process, however, is probably that it could be considered as "terribly annoying." There are other changes in the Windows 11 operating system like the Paint App that have also been quite disappointing.

In addition to asking if the users are sure that they want to make the switch from Microsoft Edge, Windows will also remind them every chance that they get that the Microsoft browser still exists.

Windows 11 will now be adding "cumbersome" on top of the "annoying" by changing the way that users can change default apps.

Windows 11 Switch

The Microsoft Windows 10 also had its own high-level categories where users can choose which web browser, music player, or email client they would want to make as the default.

Windows 11 would now switch things around, as reported by The Verge, and would instead make users first select certain apps like Chrome before choosing a default app for every file type that Chrome supports, namely .html, .htm, .svg, and even for .pdf.

This new multi-step process is also bound to discourage users from changing their defaults, which is something that Microsoft probably wants.

Every change is also met with its own confirmation popup. This makes everything more laborious. 

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Switching Windows 11 Default Apps

While Microsoft Windows 10 always had the option for users to change default apps per file type, Windows 11 is now apparently making it the default as well as only method.

Quite unsurprisingly, other browser makers are still not happy with this change, and have also called out Microsoft on its own continuing shenanigans.

To counter Microsoft's actions, those particular browser makers can now apparently make things a bit easier by just offering a single button that will help change all of the defaults automatically.

However, it still has to be worked out and polished.

The main question right now is if users should switch their Windows 10 to the Windows 11 in order to remove essential features.

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