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"Quake," the improved version of the legendary id Software first-person-shooter game, was released on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, on Aug. 19.

For weeks now, rumors have circulated that the classic game will be re-released. Now, players can enjoy the game with enhanced graphics, two original expansion packs, crossplay support, and two packs from MachineGames.

Quake's New and Improved Version

"Quake" is a fast-paced shooter launched in 1996 as a 3D follow-up to id's famous 1993 "Doom" game. It immediately became a massive hit, and the company behind the game would go on to launch other famous 90s shooters, including "Half-Life" and "Hexen II."

However, the video game franchise experienced a slump in 2005 when "Quake 4" did not go as well as planned. The series went on hiatus until 2017, when "Quake Champions" was released.

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When it was launched, the game did alright, but it didn't connect well with veterans who loved the original games. In 2018, the game was free-to-play, and after some time, it was shoved back onto the shelf.

As the game is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the studio behind the game, Bethesda, decided to re-release it after a couple of enhancements were done.

The enhanced version of the video game is now available to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Game Pass, and PC via Steam, according to Kotaku.

Fans are also expecting the game to be officially announced during a panel at QuakeCon 2021. Those who own PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles will be able to play the game at a later date.

Upgrades and Added Features

The game is titled "Quake." The new version promises amazing features and incredible enhancements.

The game costs $10, and it includes widescreen resolution support, better lighting, enhanced models, classic soundtracks including an OST from Nine Inch Nails, anti-aliasing, an online co-op/deathmatch multiplayer with crossplay support, and all of the released expansions.

Although "Quake" is known for its amazing competitive modes, players can opt for the single-player mode, too, according to Klorbille's official tweet.

The new version also has some surprisingly great additions. Nintendo Switch players will have the chance to use gyro controls to aim at enemies and shoot accurately.

All of the platforms will have support for fan-made content and curated mods. These are features that Bethesda added to "Doom" and "Doom II's" newer ports.

Meanwhile, MachineGames, the gaming studio behind the "Wolfenstein" reboots, has created a new episode for "Quake's" latest release together with the freebie that it launched in 2016.

Subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will also be able to stream the game via the Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The rumors about the video game being released started circulating months ago, as fans of the original game were expecting Bethesda to do something to celebrate the game's 25th anniversary.

Last week, the announcement regarding the game's re-release was made via QuakeCon 2021, and the developers mentioned that the game would have a revitalized version, according to Nintendo Life.

On Aug. 19, numerous outlets spotted an ESRB rating for the latest video game version, which further confirmed the fans' suspicion that something is brewing. And now, Bethesda has released the new version of the game on all consoles, proving that the rumors were right.

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