Traders and stockbrokers can now monitor their portfolio at home or office with the desktop stock ticker developed by TickrMeter.

TickrMeter is the world's real-time desktop stock ticker, which sits on your desk and keeps users updated on the prices of their stocks. With the new handy ticker, users can easily visualize their portfolios and monitor them whenever, wherever. 

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An E-Paper Based Device for Professional Grade Data

TickrMeter uses an E-paper display to show the most relevant data. Also known as electronic paper, electronic ink, or electrophoretic display, E-paper drives ink droplets using electrical signals to generate natural and vivid images across the screen. Illuminated by the natural surroundings, the material mimics the appearance of conventional ink on paper, emitting no light of its own, making it appear natural and easy to include on any home or office setup. Aside from the natural aesthetics, it means that the handy stock ticker also consumes less energy.

The ticker also offers real-time, professional-grade financial data streamed directly to your device, including information from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, the London Stock Exchange, TSX, and more. TickrMeter also provides the best-in-class financial data from data API provider It updates the latest trades and stock prices with a mean latency of only 20 microseconds, making it faster than most web-based tools.

Additionally, the device is customizable to meet the needs of its users effectively, regardless of whether they're long-term investors, day traders, and everything else in between. TickrMeter also allows users to type in their own cost averages, and the device will automatically return the gains or losses for your chosen ticker.

Also, to monitor more stocks at the same time, TickrMeter is designed to be stacked and daisy-chained with each other magnetically. A stack of up to eight TickrMeters can be powered using a single USB charger.

A Fully Configurable Desktop Stock Ticker

TickrMeter operates on a single ticker mode and a cycling mode that runs up to ten tickers. Users can also create playlists and choose how TickrMeter will cycle between them randomly, based on the top performer, the worst performer, or a predefined order. A light bar also changes color depending on the gain or loss in a given timeframe, which users can program - TickrMeter can track your stocks for one day, five days, one month, or even one year.

As the perfect stock trading buddy, TickrMeter can also be reconfigured, adjusted, and updated from your phone - the desktop stock ticker can connect to WiFi and transmit data, even from a distance. Customizable status lights make sure that you can reconfigure color and intensities for different alerts and statuses.

TickrMeter App
(Photo : TickrMeter)

Each order of the TickrMeter comes with one unit of the desktop stock ticker, a 2.5-meter power cable, and a Daisy chain cable to allow the connection of multiple TickrMeter devices. The company behind the revolutionary device is offering the item starting at $94 at the TickrMeter IndieGogo webpage.


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