Following the wildly popular "Drama Vs Reality," ITV released a desktop video game version of the hit series. Now players can relive the drama retro arcade style.

Designed in the vein of retro "beat 'em up" arcade games of the 90s - like Final Fight, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, or the original Street Fighter - the Drama Vs Reality video game offers a sense of nostalgia while stepping up the web series unapologetic gallow humor. 

The game is already available online at the Drama Vs Reality game webpage. On August 31, the game will launch a Twitch activation and partnership on the live streaming platform. The event will include a promotion on the platform and a live stream on Twitch. Additionally, a special celebrity host will be announced at a later date, in na event where players and influencers go head-to-head themselves in a gaming version of Drama Vs Reality.

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Play As Your Favorite Drama Vs. Reality Stars

The game has six characters to choose from: drama actors Jason Watkins, Anna Friel, and Richie Campbell or reality stars, Ferne McCann, Bobby Norris, or Kem Cetinay. Each of the characters has been redesigned in a complete 16-bit aesthetic. Featuring simple controls such as W, A, S, D, and arrow keys for movement and attacks, the game leaves players to discover key combinations and unlock unique moves. It includes Anna Friel firing an energy beam or Ferne McCann performing a blazing diving kick.

Also, the Drama Vs Reality video game also matches up these stars in various 16-bit backgrounds such as a nature retreat or a villa room - complete with moving people in the backdrop!

The newly-released retro-styled game even uses compressed 16-bit soundtracks to complete the feel of every battle. Its playlist includes remastered covers of recognizable pop culture theme songs across the channel processed through period-accurate synths.

Each of the characters also used audio clips recorded by the actual drama and reality stars themselves, including intro dialogue to in-game audio cues such as being hit or losing a fight. Every soundbite contributes to each character's unique feel and individuality - from Jason Watkins quoting Shakespeare to Kem Cetinay's iconic Love Island lingo, "buff, tidy, peng."

About Drama Vs. Reality and ITV Hub

The latest ITV campaign, Drama Vs Reality highlights the wealth of content on the ITV hub, especially the drama and reality shows currently on ITV Hub. In the fun parody, drama stars face off against reality stars to get the viewers' undivided attention. The online series has featured McDonald and Dodds star Jason Watkins attempting to poison Love Island star Kem Cetinay and Grace star Richie Cambell surviving an attack from First Time Mum star Ferne McCann. Now on its fifth episode, "The Trap" features Anna Friel luring Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack into a devious trap set into motion by a small, cute dog.

The show is hosted on ITV Hub, an online video on demand (VOD) service available through the main ITV website. It hosts a variety of programs from different channels owned by ITV Digital Channels.

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