Samsung Makes Disrespectful Gesture Towards Apple's Late Steve Jobs Calling Him the 'Turtleneck Wearer' After Passing on Oct 5, 2011
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Samsung Makes Disrespectful Gesture Towards Apple's Late Steve Jobs Calling Him the 'Turtleneck Wearer' After Passing on Oct 5, 2011

Samsung has just made a disrespectful gesture towards Apple's late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs.

It is quite a known fact that the two massive competitors Apple and Samsung leave no particular stone unturned to take a dig at each other whenever the opportunity permits.

Samsung Mentions 'Turtleneck Wearer'

According to the story by TechWorm, in the latest dig, the massive South Korean giant Samsung has just made what the article described as an "extremely disrespectful gesture" towards the late Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, by calling him the "turtleneck wearer."

The recent comments were made in its description of the official iTest web app.

Samsung reportedly wrote that its users are all unique, stating that they like their phones to be unique as well.

Then, the company noted that "no turtleneck wearer should dictate" how one's phone should look.

Meanwhile, learn more about Steve Job's legacy and what he has done for Apple.

Samsung Promotes 'Real Samsung'

The company then took a promotional turn and urged people to check out a few other themes.

Samsung then noted that once users finally have a "real Samsung," they will have access to what they described as a "world of amazing options."

For those that are still unaware, the Samsung iTest is basically an Android emulator for the Apple iPhone. This would allow non-Android users to be able to test the Android operating system that also appears on Samsung smartphones.

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Samsung vs Apple

Samsung reportedly explained that users will be able to get a little taste of Samsung without needing to change phones.

The company noted that they won't be able to replicate every particular function, but users would quickly see that there is nothing too daunting when switching to the other side.

Although there is really no direct mention of the late Steve Jobs in the description, the "turtleneck wearer" is thought to actually be alluding to Apple's late founder, who is popularly known for wearing his turtleneck and jeans in interviews and public events.

This particularly unpleasant move of Samsung was revealed by Yahia Sayed on Twitter, which caught the attention of a number of netizens, all drawing strong reactions from them.

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Steve Jobs Passed Away in October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs passed away on Oct. 5, 2011 after battling with a particularly rare pancreatic cancer for a number of years.

With the passing of the legendary Apple CEO, the below-the-belt message coming from Samsung has certainly left quite a bitter taste in everyone's mouths.

Yahia Sayed noted that Samsung has "gone too far" and that this particular kind of marketing is the worst the user has ever seen.

The user then noted "really sammy? Mocking a dead man?"

The user then noted that the comment made them regret every second of using their Samsung phone.


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